IoT SIG - 2019-09-07

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  16. Syndace

    The ESP32 comes with stupid amounts of standard library, including (multiple) crypto libraries and Expat for XML. Also it's quite optimized to do internet stuff while clocking at 240 MHz, I'm pretty sure that a bit of XMPP should be doable for it. Also two cores ^^

  17. Syndace

    The standard lib even includes protobuf, if you want to OMEMO :P

  18. flow

    Syndace, COM8, which sytems software do you run on the ESP32?

  19. flow

    (I have no experience with the ESP32 and maybe that's a stupid question because there is only one)

  20. Syndace

    I run ESP-IDF in my current project, which is the somewhat official toolchain by the producer. Most people tend to use the Arduino toolchain.

  21. Syndace

    And that's all the toolchains I know of.

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  23. Syndace

    Oh and the OS which runs when using ESP-IDF is FreeRTOS, not sure what OS Arduino flashes.

  24. flow

    Syndace, thanks :)

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  31. Vaulor

  32. Vaulor

    Not XMPP yet but with ESP32. Simple life counter for Magic the Gathering (card game)

  33. Vaulor

    Syndace: Have you worked a lot with these?

  34. Syndace

    Vaulor: What does "a lot" mean? :D I've been working with different microcontrollers/dev kits for quite a while. Specifically with the ESP32 for only about three months.

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  59. COM8

    flow: I'm also using ESP-IDF but in C++ instead of C

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