IoT SIG - 2020-01-15

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  9. COM8 debacle, yes I can hear you. I just don't use MUCs on mobile only on my PC
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  32. jjrh someone wrote a esp8266/arduino library for XMPP didn't they?
  33. debacle Interesting: A paper compared AMQP, MQTT, XMPP, and ZeroMQ. Result: > Our conclusion therefore is twofold: We recommend ZeroMQ where a specifically tailored solution is needed and the effort of implementing missing features is acceptable. For settings where a readily available solution is necessary, we recommend MQTT or AMQP, depending on the expected message sizes, as there are several open source software solutions that can be used out of the box. ("Meeting IoT Platform Requirements with Open Pub/Sub Solutions", 2016) flow MattJ
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  35. MattJ Reasoning against XMPP?
  36. MattJ I've never actually been convinced that XMPP is interchangeable with AMQP
  37. jjrh AMQP seems drastically different than XMPP in terms of usecase and functionality
  38. MattJ Yep
  39. MattJ But people always lump them together because "pubsub"
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  41. debacle I just found it funny, that they put four protocols in the title, but only three in the conclusion.
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