IoT SIG - 2021-07-13

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  5. debacle flow MattJ Holger jjrh melvo SouL Syndace Vaulor Sorry for the "mention spam", but please note, that tomorrow, 2021-07-14 at 15:00Z, the XMPP Council meets in and have on their agenda: > 4) Items for voting > 4a) Decide on Advancement of XEP-0381 > Title: XEP-0381: Internet of Things Special Interest Group (IoT SIG) > URL: > Abstract: This document proposes the formation of a Special Interest Group > SIG) within the XSF devoted to the application of XMPP technologies to the > Internet of Things (IoT).
  6. MattJ :+1:
  7. Syndace cool!
  8. flow debacle, yep, I saw that mail, but I don't now what this means in practice
  9. debacle flow No idea. I just said to jonas that I'm interested in participating. Maybe it would be good, if more people tell council, that they like to participate. If nobody is available and/or interested, maybe they declare the SIG dead?
  10. flow debacle, my gut feeling is that we are currently spending more time on bureaucracy, managing the SIG's XEP state, as on IoT XMPP work :)
  11. flow of course, I am not opposed to doing anything sensible regarding the XEP state, but it's not a priority for me
  12. flow of course, I am not opposed to doing anything sensible regarding the XEP's state, but it's not a priority for me
  13. debacle flow So far, I did not spend more than some seconds on the XEP, I did not even read it yet ;-)
  14. flow debacle, moar time for hacking then :)
  15. debacle Well, more time for *meetings* - the IoT project of my company goes forward, but very, very slowly
  16. debacle at least my company micro-funds small improvementes in libstrophe and Ejabberd ;-)
  17. flow \o/
  18. flow can't underestimate the improtance of seemingly small improvements
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  23. debacle flow I hope, that someone makes use of one or the other improvement!
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