IoT SIG - 2021-10-12

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  26. debacle Does an XMPP-MQTT gateway exist, other than ? Holger, you know things!
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  28. flow debacle, who needs a gateway if ejabberd natively supports MQTT? :)O
  29. flow debacle, who needs a gateway if ejabberd natively supports MQTT? :)
  30. MattJ debacle: if you're counting built-in server translation
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  39. debacle flow MattJ My device talks XMPP (PubSub) and I believe, that I need to pass the items to an MQTT server. Ejabberd/Prosody MQTT is probably meant to support devices talking MQTT, or not?
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  42. MattJ Correct. Though I don't know much about ejabberd's implementation, I assume it's similar... you can share the same node between XMPP/MQTT
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  45. debacle MattJ Sharing the same node between XMPP and MQTT sounds good. I need to check, if Ejabberd does that, because that's what we use right now. If not, Prosody might be an option!
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  47. MattJ Just be warned that it's been many years since I wrote that code, I am not aware of anyone using it in production, but if you think it would fit your use-case I should be able to fix any issues you encounter
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