IoT SIG - 2021-10-13

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  11. debacle

    MattJ So far, I don't even *want* to use MQTT :-) However, somebody asked "Can I use your XMPP PubSub based data thingy with MQTT, please?" and I try to get them used to XMPP first. Still, it is good, if I know beforehand, if there is any solution in case they remain stubborn.

  12. debacle

    But thanks for your offer - let's hope there is no need to actually try!

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  18. debacle

    Just FYI: While Ejabberd does support MQTT, it is completely separated from the XMPP world. Bridging or mixing the two protocols is not possible.

  19. MattJ

    Huh, surprising

  20. debacle

    MattJ Yes, because that would make it interesting to use it for MQTT. If I need pure MQTT, I probably use a pure MQTT server. But maybe bridging is planned for the future, who knows.

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  36. flow

    crazy that the MQTT stuff is in ejabberd then

  37. flow

    might as well run another stand alone MQTT server

  38. flow

    looks like prosody has the better feature set in this regard

  39. flow

    not that I aim to improve the ejabberd situation by starting some competition in this regard with this comment ;)

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  45. MattJ


  46. MattJ

    I don't know how I feel now about the conversation I had when their blog post announced this ability

  47. MattJ

  48. MattJ

    The conversation focused on the fact that they didn't do it first, but now it seems they didn't do it at all :P

  49. MattJ

    I'm sure there is value in a massively scalable MQTT server written in Erlang, but without bridging between the two I don't know what the advantage is or why you'd call it a "dual-protocol" (to me that strongly implies two protocols to access the same data)

  50. MattJ

    *what the advantage is to building it into ejabberd

  51. MattJ

    I assume there is some code re-use

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