IoT SIG - 2022-01-10

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  32. bsima

    hello, is anyone here using xmpp on iot devices currently? I'm curious what implementations look like these days

  33. bsima

    i'm reading xep-0325 and i think this is what i was missing. basically the control protocol consists of setters, one address sends the setter message to a device, and the device interprets that setting into the device-specific action

  34. bsima

    for example <set><boolean name="lightbulb" value="true"/></set> might turn on the lightbulb

  35. bsima

    maybe an xmpp client is running on an arduino which controls the lightbulb switch

  36. bsima

    something i haven't figured out yet is how do i create these setter messages from my client? do i need to write a script, or can i create custom xml structures from a client like adium, etc? does each message need a new ui element for the client?

  37. MattJ

    Tip: don't use Adium for anything XMPP these days, it hasn't seen active development for years and is far behind modern XMPP

  38. bsima

    sure that was just an example, i don't even have a default xmpp client right now

  39. MattJ

    I assume if you're doing IoT you're also doing development in some environment or other

  40. bsima

    yeah i'm a developer

  41. bsima

    looking at automating my home and using xmpp as the main UI instead of apple home-whatever

  42. bsima

    also would like to monitor my garden for moisture levels etc, eventually

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  45. MattJ

    My honest opinion, as an XMPP developer - use Home Assistant 🙂

  46. MattJ

    It has so many interfaces and integrations. You can still use XMPP where it makes sense, but it will avoid reimplementing a lot of stuff on top of XMPP just for the sake of it.

  47. bsima

    i know i know... i'm trying to get off the corpweb though

  48. MattJ

    Of course if your goal is to learn XMPP, there's no better way than to combine it with a fun and interesting project like this

  49. MattJ

    Home Assistant is open-source and self-hostable

  50. bsima

    oh Home Assistant is different than Apple Homething

  51. MattJ

    Yes, definitely 🙂

  52. MattJ

    Home Assistant (and there are other similar projects, but I have no experience with them) will give you a framework that is already designed as a direct replacement for the proprietary alternatives that you want to avoid. It's not built on XMPP, but that's not the most important thing.

  53. MattJ

    You can integrate XMPP and a whole bunch of other things with it easily enough

  54. bsima

    yeah i see xmpp notifications for things, i'm wondering what the device implementations look like though

  55. bsima

    like there's this

  56. MattJ

    What kind of devices are you planning?

  57. bsima

    well i'm getting solar panels this year, looks like HA has lots of tools for electricity/solar

  58. bsima

    for the garden i would need to create my own sensor i think

  59. bsima

    something with moisture, temperature, and telemetry to send me the data

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  62. bsima

    xmpp-for-iot intrigues me because i could have all the devices as "contacts" in a contact list, right? So to monitor any one i just select it from the list in my client and send it a message

  63. bsima

    it obviates the need for special ui software

  64. MattJ


  65. MattJ

    So you would be reusing the XMPP client's UI

  66. MattJ

    Which is certainly fine. Home Assistant lets you easily build custom UIs based off sensor data :)

  67. MattJ

    I don't want to dissuade you too much, just want to make sure you know you're picking the right tool for the job

  68. MattJ

    It sounds like you're content with just normal messaging in an IM client. In that case you don't want *any* of the IoT XEPs

  69. MattJ

    You can just stick to normal IM stuff, almost or completely exclusively

  70. MattJ

    If that's the case, that also significantly reduces the amount of custom stuff you need to implement, because there's an abundance of XMPP libraries and tools focused on IM cases

  71. MattJ

    For sensor nodes any small SBC capable of running Linux with a good I/O interface (to connect peripheral sensors) would suffice

  72. MattJ

    Python is often well supported for those things, and there are multiple good XMPP libraries for Python to choose from

  73. bsima

    yeah i'm a big fan of ChatOps, or atleast the idea of ChatOps

  74. bsima

    i think it would work better for a house than for a production SaaS service

  75. bsima

    thanks for the advice and chat MattJ, i'll keep researching but i'm leaning toward xmpp for this

  76. MattJ doing ChatOps-over-XMPP for a production SaaS service 😉

  77. bsima

    oh yeah? impressive

  78. bsima

    on my dev teams i've been the only one in favor of chatops, so maybe that has poisoned my experience

  79. MattJ

    Yeah, my dev team is basically just me right now, so that certainly makes things easier :)

  80. bsima

    ha, indeed it does

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