jdev - 2019-08-24

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  63. pep. OMEMO question: when talking to somebody not in my roster, how do I get updates for their devicelist/bundles?
  64. jonas’ does directed presence help?
  65. jonas’ (although *they* would have to send directed presence to you)
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  67. pep. How would that help me in knowing when something OMEMO-related has been changed?
  68. jonas’ PEP is presence-based
  69. jonas’ you’re subscribed as long as you receive presence
  70. pep. So if I have +notify and somebody sends me a directed presence and I also send one, I'd get PEP notifications?
  71. jonas’ only they need to send you directed presence for you to get notifications
  72. jonas’ that’s my rough understanding, I haven’t dug much into PEP
  73. pep. interesting
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  75. Zash PEP doesn't work with directed presence AFAIK
  76. pep. less interesting
  77. pep. So I'd have to pull every so often?
  78. Zash IFF you have "PEP+", ie full blown pubsub, then you can subscribe manually
  79. pep. oh
  80. pep. I guess I can try that
  81. Zash I've looked at directed presence and PEP but it gets a bit complicated.
  82. pep. But then when do I unsubscribe
  83. pep. Do I ever unsubscribe
  84. Zash You should, yes, or you would be subscribed forever!
  85. pep. Is the subscription associated to the account? That is if I disconnect/reconnect it's still there?
  86. Zash Anyways, if directed presence gave you PEP read access, that would solve some PEP-in-MUC issues, but at the same time probably give more open access than what one normally wants
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  88. pep. How so
  89. pep. You could already subscribe manually
  90. Zash I mean for the default "presence" access model that normally limits access to your roster contacts
  91. Zash Directed presence and access_model=open might work
  92. pep. Yeah that's certainly enough for omemo at least.
  93. pep. I think implementations somewhat agreed to have access_model=open, right?
  94. pep. Even if that leaks the existence of the account
  95. pep. (but then vcard-temp already does that anyway?)
  96. Zash right
  97. pep. Is that specified somewhere? That a directed presence would give you PEP notifications?
  98. Zash Nope
  99. Zash Not that I know of
  100. Zash It makes some logical sense tho, at least for open nodes
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  103. pep. Ok I'll send something on standards at least
  104. jonas’ seems reasonable
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  107. Daniel Are directed presence tracked and eventually followed by an unavailable once my session times out?
  108. Zash Yes
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