jdev - 2019-09-07

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  38. jonas’

    unicode 3.2, as specified in RFC 6122, does not allow that nickname

  39. jonas’

    stringprep with unicode 3.2, as specified in RFC 6122, does not allow that nickname

  40. Ge0rG

    It's the revenge of the 🤖

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  42. Zash

    R-R-R-Robot face

  43. tom

    is that so

  44. tom

    �"Z▒u$�܀�w����Bs��ё.�B�}Q������yu WK����'=J06��W�E�!��▒�ܖ�[�ڃ5���2&K�x�s��c �d� ^M���S���*I��(�3��xo�C�FKG%��3��^ݜ�������6`6�Y+"U�0n^V�4�ʔ^m%�Q=�K�z&閈B4�Ex��\�����h�Q[��{�ᤉ!'�6���\+K�E98c���K�@N��++x�R�T|H�-���Ϙ�,���$�

  45. linkmauve

    tom, your server would abort your connection if you were to send non-UTF-8 characters, so your client most likely prevented you from doing so.

  46. tom

    My client gives me a popup saying that a stanza was received from an invalid jid and therefor ignored

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  48. tom

    whenever that person with a lips pictogram in their name changes presence state in the chat

  49. tom

    that's also strange because I can't join groupchats with emojis for username

  50. linkmauve

    tom, you may want to update your client, I believe it was fixed in the following version.

  51. Ge0rG

    tom: upgrade your Gajim

  52. tom

    i see so that's not a protocol limitation

  53. Zash

    Would you prefer your server to stop talking to the MUC?

  54. tom


  55. tom

    i'll just change the code

  56. tom

    *in the client

  57. pep.

    Now maybe you understand why I mentioned trying to backport master stuff, or starting from master even :)

  58. pep.

    Fixes, fixes everywhere! (And bugs)

  59. Zash

    Unicode is fun :)

  60. Ge0rG

    Forward compatibility is fun!

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  62. ͡ ͡

    This is me now

  63. pep.

    How are references like this updated in RFCs? (Unicode has a bit more than 3.2 releases now)

  64. Zash

    pep.: another rfc that updates or replaces it

  65. Daniel

    Well we could move to precis

  66. Daniel

    But it's complicated

  67. Zash

    No implementation we can use yet that I'm aware of

  68. pep.

    But then precis also uses a specific version of Unicode right

  69. linkmauve

    Someone said yesterday they wanted to add PRECIS support to jid-rs!

  70. Daniel

    Does it?

  71. ͡ ͡

    it's not finished until you can implement a full virtual machine in it plus 2 variants of javascript

  72. Zash

    Does it?

  73. Daniel

    I thought that was the point of precis not to

  74. pep.

    It doesn't?

  75. pep.

    Ah ok

  76. Daniel

    Who knows

  77. pep.

    Cool then

  78. Zash

    Kinda moot until there are implementations

  79. pep.

    Bootstrap issues?

  80. Daniel

    Is it hard to implement? I thought the point was also to make it easier

  81. pep.

    It's going to be fun when things start breaking because somebody does something else than stringprep

  82. Zash

    Robot face all over again

  83. ͡ ͡

    Microsoft will just make another special snowflake encoding before that

  84. Ge0rG

    Just ensure that your implementation breaks in the most annoying way possible on remote-attacker-controlled data. You'll be fine.

  85. Zash

    Will do

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  92. jonas’

    pep., no, precis does not use a specific version of unicode, which will be a rats nest of trouble

  93. jonas’

    given that Unicode does make breaking changes between releases

  94. jonas’

    there goes any validation we can reasonably do without breaking federation

  95. jonas’

    except if we do things like rolling unicode-release upgrades through the network, which seems like a PITA to do

  96. pep.

    But then are you happy being stuck with Unicode 3.2? If Unicode breaks then we'll have to break anyway whenever we update the RFC. And of course it won't happen all at the same time in implementations

  97. jonas’

    problem is, there’s no updating of the RFC involved for unicode upgrades

  98. jonas’

    there’s no way to tell what version your peer uses

  99. jonas’

    (for any definition of peer)

  100. jonas’

    this also affects normalisation of stuff during login, which has the potential to lock folks out of their accounts

  101. pep.

    Is that also a reason we need <moved/>? :/

  102. jonas’

    I don’t think this has anything to do with <moved/>?

  103. jonas’

    stuff like that can happen on minor glibc upgrades for example

  104. jonas’

    see the breakage that one glibc (unicode) update caused on postgres indices

  105. pep.

    I mean, people locked out of their accounts, that could be one use-case

  106. jonas’

    yeah, eh, I don’t think that we should let it come to that?

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  108. pep.


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  116. Bra}{man

    Amnezia 😕 😕 😕

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