jdev - 2019-09-15

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  39. ali

    hi all

  40. ali

    i want to know how to use it in php

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  42. moparisthebest

    "it" ?

  43. lovetox

    hm interesting, owners can only revoke ownership of a muc themself

  44. lovetox

    at least on ejabberd

  45. lovetox

    but it seems it should be possible when reading 0045

  46. lovetox

    ah ejabberd has protection for the room creator

  47. Zash

    Huh, another special affiliation?

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  50. lovetox

    seems like it

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  53. lovetox

    hm something unexpected

  54. lovetox

    on ejabberd if i make someone admin

  55. lovetox

    he has role=moderator, affiliation=admin

  56. lovetox

    as it should be

  57. lovetox

    if i revoke admin, with sending affiliation=none

  58. lovetox

    ejabberd still keeps the role=moderator

  59. lovetox

    prosody does not do this

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  61. Zash

    I guess both are technically legal? Affiliation and role can be set independently and the language in xep-0045 is pretty vauge regarding affilitation changes affecting roles

  62. lovetox

    yes its legal

  63. lovetox

    but ejabberd is inconsistent in that regard

  64. lovetox

    if i revoke admin rights with setting affiliation to member, it applies the default role participant

  65. lovetox

    so i guess this is a bug

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