jdev - 2019-09-28

  1. Toshi

    Is there any way for me to get started in implementing XMPP in my Backend Server

  2. Toshi

    Backend server being written in Elixir

  3. Zash

    Toshi: Could you elaborate?

  4. Toshi

    zash: I want to add XMPP support to my Phoenix App

  5. Zash

    I don't know what Phoenix is, sorry.

  6. Zash

    It's a pretty wide question. Tricky to answer without knowing more.

  7. Toshi

    Zash I want to help in implementing XMPP in Elixir

  8. Toshi

    Zash I don't know where to get start

  9. Zash

    Toshi: Would this act as a client or a server? Have you searched for existing XMPP libraries for Elexir?

  10. Toshi

    Zash I searched I found two libraries but Can't get through the documentation is kinda confusing

  11. Toshi

    Zash So will it be better to implement on Client Side or Server Side

  12. Zash

    Toshi: What is your goal?

  13. Toshi

    Zash A Job Quest application with article, post, and periodic quests, support for freelancers and Hiring Companies, And Local Native support to find and interact with little startups and local companies

  14. Toshi

    Zash XMPP has over half of the requirements i need for this , So instead of re-inventing from Scratch thinking of using it.

  15. Zash

    By client/server I mean, would the webapp(?) talk to an XMPP server, or act as an XMPP server?

  16. Toshi

    The Backend talks to the XMPP server and the frontend gets the API from Backend

  17. Toshi

    Zash Act as XMPP Server

  18. Zash

    I'm not sure we understand each other

  19. Toshi

    Zash Easier Version -- The Point is How to use XMPP in your App, which has a loads of features

  20. Toshi

    Zash Thank you For your Time , I think I'll learn erlang a bit and see if the xmpp library makes sense .. (P.S. Sorry for my Bad English)

  21. Zash

    I would imagine something like: Install XMPP server. Add XMPP client library to app. Find out how to connect to the server from the app.

  22. Toshi

    Zash I figured out that React and React/Native has some libraries for it -- It's would be my last choice

  23. Zash

    Modern web development is not my thing. If you have more specific XMPP questions I might be able to help more.

  24. Toshi

    Zash It's Okay, Thanks

  25. Zash


  26. Toshi

    Zash How can I find you next time

  27. Zash

    Here I guess, but there are others here that should be able to help too.

  28. Toshi