jdev - 2019-10-05

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  36. jonas’

    flow, FTR, MAXS on Android 4.4 requires TLSv1.0 support on the server.

  37. jonas’

    I don’t think that’s necessarily a problem (and I don’t suggest that you should bundle a TLS library), but people insist that I tell you to make sure.

  38. Daniel

    You can't really bundle on 4.4

  39. Daniel

    The one ™ library used for that is 5.0+

  40. flow

    Daniel, I think you could, it's just not trivial

  41. flow

    jonas’, thanks. I wonder why you had to proxy for people? :)

  42. jonas’

    flow, because they’re not here and you’re not in the other place *shrug*

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  45. jonas’

    flow, Ge0rG claims that Android 4.4 supports TLS > 1.0, it is just not enabled by default

  46. jonas’


  47. jonas’

    in which case I’d like to file an issue for that ;)

  48. flow

    jonas’, what's the other place?

  49. jonas’


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  53. flow

    Is that another xmpp (develpment) related MUC? Or what's the scope?

  54. jonas’

    > Off-Topic discussions of folks involved in the XMPP community

  55. jonas’

    so my mentioning that I had to downgrade the TLS on my bot server there was off-topic for that room :D

  56. flow

    jonas’, hehe

  57. Zash

    Off-topic is on-topic

  58. flow

    jonas’, I could create an MAXS issue for that, but sadly, MAXS is currently not a high priority for me right now, as I am preparing a new Smack release for early next year

  59. flow

    And I am probably going to buy, after 4 years, a new android soon, so my top MAXS priority will probably be to ensure MAXS works with the newer Android version

  60. jonas’

    Ge0rG is posting stuff: https://github.com/yaxim-org/yaxim/blob/master/src/org/yaxim/androidclient/service/SmackableImp.java#L252 https://github.com/igniterealtime/Smack/blob/master/smack-core/src/main/java/org/jivesoftware/smack/util/TLSUtils.java#L67-L70

  61. jonas’

    (he’s not here from his mobile so I’m reposting)

  62. tom

    that's the chat for xmpp devs who aren't jays

  63. jonas’


  64. tom


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