jdev - 2019-10-11

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  81. ElMajor Hello i Cant log in My account of XMPP Jabb.im Who can Help Me?
  82. ElMajor ??
  83. ShadowRanger Any ideas why sometimes when I accept a presence subscribe request through responding with subscribed, I sometimes get this error: Error 22001: unable to confirm invite from 'hidden@chat.dm.origin.com' for 'hidden@chat.dm.origin.com/tigase-2'?
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  88. ShadowRanger This happens only for some users. However, when the friends list/roster reaches 100, it does it no matter what user it is, it will always send me that presence error. I am not sure what it really means, and I cannot find any documentation on it either.
  89. MattJ Any idea what software that error is coming from?
  90. ShadowRanger Yes, Tigase
  91. MattJ Probably work asking them what "Error 22001" means then
  92. Ge0rG ShadowRanger: also it would help to capture the XML of the full exchange - subscription request, accept, error
  93. ShadowRanger I can get that, one second
  94. jonas’ this smells like some server-side roster size limit?
  95. ShadowRanger Possibly, however it also happens occasionally even when the roster is no where near 100.
  96. ShadowRanger Can I paste it here or should I put it in a pastebin? Ge0rG
  97. ShadowRanger <presence type="subscribe" xmlns="jabber:client" to="HIDDEN@chat.dm.origin.com" from="HIDDEN@chat.dm.origin.com"/> <presence type="subscribed" to="HIDDEN@chat.dm.origin.com"/> <presence type="error" xmlns="jabber:client" to="HIDDEN@chat.dm.origin.com" from="HIDDEN@chat.dm.origin.com"><error type="wait" code="500"><internal-server-error xmlns="urn:ietf:params:xml:ns:xmpp-stanzas"/><text xmlns="urn:ietf:params:xml:ns:xmpp-stanzas" xml:lang="en">Error 22001: unable to confirm invite from 'HIDDEN@chat.dm.origin.com' for 'HIDDEN@chat.dm.origin.com/tigase-1'</text></error></presence>
  98. jonas’ > internal-server-error
  99. jonas’ definitely talk to the tigase folks about this
  100. Ge0rG I don't know if anybody from tigase is in here.
  101. jonas’ https://search.jabber.network/search?q=tigase ....
  102. jonas’ maybe we should find someone tho
  103. MattJ Wojtek, ^
  104. Ge0rG jonas’: ITYM https://search.jabber.network/search?q=tigase&f=y&sinname=on
  105. jonas’ Ge0rG, specifically not
  106. ShadowRanger Are you guys using the web chat on here or some XMPP client? I'm just on a temporary account right now
  107. jonas’ proper XMPP client
  108. ShadowRanger Any suggestions?
  109. jonas’ that depends on your requirements
  110. ShadowRanger Right now just to talk on here and to contact that user on the link you guys posted above
  111. jonas’ ShadowRanger, the room posted there is empty
  112. jonas’ it won’t be useful to you
  113. ShadowRanger Ahh okay I guess I will just need to create a ticket then on Tigase website
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  115. lovetox tigase has a support chat
  116. jonas’ lovetox, where?
  117. lovetox you have to find out yourself
  118. lovetox na joke
  119. lovetox its tigase@muc.tigase.im
  120. jonas’ which is empty
  121. lovetox i was in there 2 days ago
  122. lovetox and it was definitly not empty like 30 people
  123. jonas’ what
  124. jonas’ it’s just me right now
  125. lovetox very weird
  126. lovetox yeah
  127. lovetox it has a nice bug
  128. lovetox it sends you muc history even if you dont request it
  129. lovetox i already reported it and they fixed it in there dev branch
  130. lovetox i already reported it and they fixed it in theire dev branch
  131. lovetox i already reported it and they fixed it in their dev branch
  132. jonas’ lovetox, are you sure that’s the place?
  133. jonas’ because the MUC history I got from it dates back to 2014
  134. jonas’ (with just 10 messages or so)
  135. lovetox definitly tigase@muc.tigase.org
  136. jonas’ !
  137. lovetox and definitly the muc history was not the same 2 days ago
  138. jonas’ tigase.im ≠ tigase.org!
  139. lovetox ahhhh
  140. lovetox yeah then org !
  141. jonas’ that one just makes duplicate occupants in poezio
  142. jonas’ https://search.jabber.network/search?q=tigase&f=y&sinname=on there I fixed it
  143. lovetox btw jonas’ did you change the API?
  144. lovetox im getting tracebacks now because of anonymity mode
  145. jonas’ what’s with it?
  146. lovetox its not in the result anymore
  147. lovetox as it seems
  148. jonas’ it’s omitted if we don’t know it
  149. jonas’ instead of nulling it
  150. lovetox yeah that was changed recently?
  151. lovetox or always like that
  152. jonas’ possibly, I unified the output
  153. jonas’ between search and paging API
  154. jonas’ I can revert this if it’s actually causing trouble
  155. jonas’ didn’t notice that the code paths were different in that regard
  156. Daniel jonas’, something with unknown user count should probably not rank before a known user count
  157. jonas’ Daniel, yes, I noticed that just now, too
  158. jonas’ need to figure out what’s with that
  159. lovetox hm no for me its not a problem, because muc search is not in a released version yet
  160. Daniel searching for tigase yields very useless (and maybe disturbing) results
  161. jonas’ Daniel, see what lovetox wrote above, I broke the API slightly by omitting `anonymity_mode` if we don’t know it instead of setting it to null
  162. jonas’ does that break anything for oyu?
  163. Wojtek hi! the support room in tigase@muc.tigase.org (not tigase.im!)
  164. jonas’ would it break anything if anonymity_mode was set to null instead of absent?
  165. jonas’ Wojtek, yeah, we noticed that too, I also made sure it’s now listed on search.jabber.network
  166. jonas’ thanks :)
  167. Daniel no; i'm not looking at that field
  168. lovetox hm jonas’ i see i have this already in my code that i dont expect it to be there, it seems just i did catch the wrong exception
  169. jonas’ xcellentee
  170. lovetox so my fault
  171. jonas’ excellent
  172. jonas’ lovetox, even better
  173. Daniel i didn’t know you indexed those
  174. jonas’ Daniel, they only show up in search
  175. Daniel i should probably present that in the UI somehow
  176. Daniel (never showed up in the random tests i did)
  177. jonas’ it’s rare to have public but non-open rooms
  178. Daniel can i have a search option for not having them?
  179. Wojtek regarding origin chat - there is a roster size limit (by default depends on amount of memory the machine has), but Error 22001 is not comming from Tigase - must be EA custom implementation
  180. Daniel i think i don’t want to show them
  181. jonas’ I thought there was one, but I it doesn’t seem like it
  182. jonas’ ShadowRanger, ^
  183. jonas’ Daniel, ah!
  184. jonas’ I messed that up
  185. jonas’ it’s due to the recent changes, and in fact an accidental breaking change
  186. jonas’ ... which didn’t happen in my random tests
  187. jonas’ it would also include hidden MUCs right now, which I definitely don’t want
  188. Wojtek jonas’, thanks for listing!
  189. jonas’ Wojtek, FYI, you can do that yourself, too! :) send a MUC invite to christopher.muclumbus@search.jabbercat.org; details are here: https://search.jabber.network/docs/owners
  190. Wojtek dully noted :-)
  191. jonas’ Wojtek, are you in any way affiliated or know someone who is with muc.tigase.im? In that case, it would probably make sense to go over the results for that domain and see if you can/want to clean out some rooms there.
  192. jonas’ Daniel, results fixed
  193. Wojtek well, we manage that domain as well (and also a couple others: sure.im and jabber.today to name a few)
  194. Wojtek I’ll remove tigase@muc.tigase.im but as for other results - we allow everyone to create a MUC room and unless there is some report of abuse we don’t remove them
  195. jonas’ ah, okay
  196. jonas’ makes sense!
  197. jonas’ :-)
  198. Wojtek we think so :-)
  199. jonas’ even better would probably be to set up a redirect from tigase@muc.tigase.im to tigase@muc.tigase.org
  200. Wojtek three is a bunch of odd rooms (latxxx-lonxxx) that seems like an output of some tool but still - they are not breaking any rules nor straining our resources so we let them be
  201. jonas’ fair enough
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