jdev - 2019-10-22

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  6. allie

    bent3n: I've been using stanza myself and it's pretty good, at least once I got the hang of it

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  58. lovetox_

    Gajim has 100K lines of python code

  59. lovetox_

    ok make that 80K lines, because 20K is the emoji dict

  60. lovetox_

    lets not count that

  61. lovetox_

    30K XML code lines

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  63. lovetox_

    (UI files)

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  71. bent3n

    I create d a webapp using strophe.js cdn adn uploaded it on my server. When I request the app in my browser I get the error that the page must run on a secured connection. I'm using prosody. Does this mean I have to configure the server so BOSH is considered secure using the command consider_bosh_secure = true; ?

  72. bent3n

    allie can you please send me links to tutorials and documentation ? I could not make sense of @xmpp/client

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  74. allie

    bent3n: I don't have any tutorials. I just pieced it together from the examples they had on their github page along with some help in here and on IRC

  75. allie

    bent3n: if you have a reverse proxy like Apache or nginx proxying connections to BOSH, and the reverse proxy is handling the HTTPS, then yes you need that consider_bosh_secure option, just make sure you're not accepting connections for BOSH without the proxy too

  76. allie

    or at least not over http

  77. bent3n

    allie That's the difficulty I face: piecing together the examples they have on github and nmpjs(https://www.npmjs.com/package/stanza/v/12.2.3). How do I set it up (I mean the library) so I can use it ?

  78. allie

    download the source from github and run the build script. it should give you the javascript files you need in the dist directory. it doesn't seem to work properly if you install it via npm as those scripts are missing

  79. bent3n

    So is this(consider_bosh_secure) the only option I need to set to get rid of that error from strophe ?

  80. allie

    maybe that option means you have something else handling the HTTPS and prosody can assume everything coming into the HTTP BOSH port is adequately secured

  81. allie

    maybe. that option means you have something else handling the HTTPS and prosody can assume everything coming into the HTTP BOSH port is adequately secured

  82. bent3n

    allie hmmm. interesting. sorry I'm a noob. By download source do you mean the source code file or the entire source(src) folder from github?

  83. bent3n

    allie I assume I have to also configure nginx to upgrade requests to WS connections , right ?That's if I want to use websockets. Or BOSH is just fine?

  84. allie

    the source tarball for the release you want from github

  85. allie

    (for stanza, I know nothing about strophe)

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  87. bent3n

    no worries about strophe for now

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