jdev - 2019-10-26

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  39. lovetox hm want to add a option "Ignore messages from unknown contacts"
  40. lovetox hence not in roster
  41. lovetox i would just block this right at the start before the message is even processed in Gajim
  42. lovetox just wondering if im missing something
  43. lovetox are there any messages i still want
  44. lovetox seems complicated to me to implement correctly
  45. lovetox its not enough to just check if jid is in roster
  46. MattJ I would much rather do this on the server side :/
  47. lovetox server could also send a message, and is not in my roster, groupchats can also send messages
  48. lovetox yeah MattJ i wish :
  49. lovetox yeah MattJ i wish :)
  50. MattJ We already have the functionality, just no standard to toggle it on and off
  51. MattJ Currently it is server-wide if the admin enables it
  52. MattJ And it really should be a per user choice
  53. Ge0rG lovetox: if you are going that horrible route, at least bounce the message properly and ask for a captcha or something
  54. MattJ But do you want all your connected clients to do that? :)
  55. lovetox i thought about removing this
  56. lovetox there are mutliple other ways to get rid of spam
  57. Ge0rG Apparently we need a server side white list of JIDs that's not the roster
  58. lovetox either use blocking list, or server side spam measures
  59. Ge0rG In yaxim, I'll make non contact messages silent, but with a notification
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