jdev - 2019-10-30

  1. tom

    how much memory would be needed to implement basic XMPP texting functionality as well as the battery saving (low activity mode) XEP?

  2. tom

    Is there an existing library I could use out there in C that could run with 16K of ram?

  3. tom

    that I could offload cryptography to a dedicated IC

  4. tom

    over an SPI bus or something

  5. tom

    I'm not set on 16K and can go up if needed, I just had a particular low power TI microcontroller in mind

  6. guus.der.kinderen

    tom: the only library that I know (which does not mean anything, there might be millions more) of that's used on embedded devices is Gloox. I have no idea about its resource consumption. See https://camaya.net/gloox/

  7. tom

    c++ not see but thanks

  8. tom

    thank you guus.der.kinderen this helps a lot

  9. guus.der.kinderen

    It's all I have to offer, sorry 😉

  10. jonas’

    16k sounds really constraining

  11. jonas’

    I heard that there is a embedded-geared XMPP library which will zero-copy-ish parse the XML stream, but I have forgotten the name

  12. jonas’

    that was probably five years ago

  13. MattJ

    I used to use libstrophe when I did embedded (it's C)

  14. MattJ

    It's been unmaintained for a long while, which doesn't mean it won't work

  15. MattJ

    But it's also very low level (gloox is high level, C++, and likely uses a bunch more resources)

  16. MattJ

    I actively used and contributed to both, and then wrote my own XMPP stack in Lua and never looked back ;)

  17. jonas’

    isn’t libstrophe used by profanity?

  18. jonas’

    and there are commits in there

  19. jonas’

    are you confusing libstrophe and libcouplet?

  20. MattJ

    Is it? That's nice

  21. jonas’


  22. MattJ

    That's great news :)

  23. MattJ

    docs/ was last touched 12 years ago :)

  24. jonas’


  25. jonas’


  26. zinid

    I just read about advancing vcard4 to draft

  27. zinid

    does anyone have an idea why we need vcard4?

  28. Link Mauve

    zinid, permissions is the main argument AFAIK.

  29. Link Mauve

    Being based on PubSub, etc.

  30. zinid

    ah, it's PEP based?

  31. zinid

    which can be done with vcard-temp

  32. zinid

    but we like to break everything, yeah

  33. Link Mauve

    Also it’s based on a standard for vCard serialisation to XML.

  34. Link Mauve

    So might be easier for interoperability with software outside of XMPP.

  35. zinid


  36. zinid

    no comments 😀

  37. zinid

    breaking backward compatibility with such moot arguments... *shrugs*

  38. Link Mauve

    There is no backwards compatibility once you change the protocol anyway.

  39. Link Mauve

    Not with the previous protocol I mean.

  40. zinid

    > The Last Call ends on 2019-02-19 lol 😉

  41. zinid

    Link Mauve, a server still has to maintain both versions

  42. Link Mauve

    Or convert on the fly.

  43. Link Mauve

    Same for bookmarks2, or 0084/0153 avatar.

  44. lovetox

    can a jid be case sensitive?

  45. lovetox

    like A@domain.com != a@domain.com?

  46. Zash


  47. lovetox

    ok thanks, i assumed, but i didnt found the part in the rfc

  48. Zash

    It's in an RFC of its own

  49. Zash

    Or three

  50. lovetox

    ah the precis profile does the case mapping to lower case

  51. Zash

    In theory it would be possible to only do the normalization for comparisons, but leave the casing as-is on the wire.

  52. Zash

    Probably not something we want to do tho