jdev - 2019-11-14

  1. sumit

    Hello I need to create a local xmpp server using node

  2. MattJ

    I think node-xmpp has some server stuff in it?

  3. MattJ

    But it's not complete server

  4. sumit

    https://www.npmjs.com/package/node-xmpp-server I tried this but none of the links are working

  5. MattJ

    Fun, it redirected me to a dating website

  6. sumit

    its working fine over here

  7. sumit

    https://github.com/xmppjs/xmpp.js as u said node-xmpp but it doesnt have anything related to server in there packages

  8. MattJ

    I mean the links to node-xmpp.org

  9. MattJ

    Out of interest, why do you need this?

  10. MattJ

    There are many server implementations existing already

  11. sumit

    so basically i am building a multiprotocol server

  12. sumit


  13. sumit

    coap and xmpp

  14. sumit

    and for this i am using Node-RED

  15. sumit


  16. MattJ

    Possibly you can do the same in other servers, but you could set up Prosody and mod_component, and then use https://github.com/xmppjs/xmpp.js/tree/master/packages/component

  17. sumit

    now node red got libraries for coap nd mqtt but not for xmpp

  18. MattJ

    it will be waaaay easier than writing all the XMPP server stuff from scratch

  19. Zash

    Pretty sure I found an XMPP plugin for it, tho it connected as a client

  20. sumit

    MattJ thanks for the link , but I already have coded my client ... jsut want to code a simple server

  21. MattJ

    I just don't see why you would code a server when many exist already

  22. sumit

    i am coding a server which could process aa mqtt request, an coap request and xmpp requests simulteniously

  23. zinid

    this will be quite brutal task

  24. MattJ

    Prosody and ejabberd both already support XMPP and MQTT

  25. MattJ

    and I doubt COAP is hard in either of them (they both support HTTP already too)

  26. MattJ

    I mean, do what you want, but it just seems a waste of time unless you're doing it for educational purposes

  27. sumit

    this is like a project

  28. MattJ

    at which point you don't want something existing

  29. Zash

    coap is http semantics with cbor encoding, no? there's at least two cbor libraries for Lua (I wrote one of them)

  30. zinid

    Zash, yes, kind

  31. zinid


  32. sumit

    educational purpose only. this will not be on high level like ejabberd or any other

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  34. Zash