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  214. lovetox ok ibr password change is a bit weird
  215. lovetox i have to set a new password, and in return i get maybe a error including a form with further questions
  216. lovetox why not just do the same as with register, request a form with all the fields..
  217. Zash Is that how it works?
  218. Zash Oh, that weird one where the XEP says to return an error along with a form?
  219. Zash That's super weird and unlike everything else in all of XMPP.
  220. Zash You have my support in just ignoring it and doing the sensible thing, like you said, request a form first.
  221. lovetox yeah except there is no way to request a form ^^
  222. lovetox the example given in the xep is also borderline stupid
  223. lovetox let the user type his new password, then send it to the server, get a error back and a form which says to type the old password and the new password again
  224. Zash The sensible thing would be an iq-get like https://xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0077.xml#example-1
  225. Zash Looks like that's what Prosody implements
  226. lovetox Zash, yes for register
  227. lovetox but not for password change
  228. Zash Fix the XEP
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  231. Zash Actually, deprecate it
  232. Zash Having iq stanzas pre-auth is ugly and awkward.
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  235. Zash > why not just do the same as with register, request a form with all the fields.. I was agreeing with this, in case you misunderstood everything I was writing.
  236. lovetox what makes you think i misunderstood you?
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  238. Zash Maybe I'm the one misunderstanding then. It sounded like you were disagreeing with me when I said the same thing as you.
  239. lovetox what i was disagreeing with was
  240. lovetox > Zash‎: Looks like that's what Prosody implements
  241. lovetox i doubt you implement a get for password form
  242. lovetox which is not specified anywhere
  243. Zash lovetox: I looked at the code and it looked like it does the sane thing you said, ie not following the XEP
  244. Zash Post login, you should be able to iq-get the form to use
  245. lovetox how exactly example 1 gives me the register form
  246. lovetox how do i get a password form?
  247. Zash lovetox: I think you do the same thing as example 1, but after login.
  248. Zash Looks like prosody just returns `<query><username>your username</username><password/></query>` tho, no form
  249. lovetox this is specified
  250. lovetox example 3
  251. lovetox Host Informs Entity of Current Registration
  252. Zash ah, yeah
  253. Zash Why is that not where you put a from if you need a form for whatever reason?
  254. lovetox i dont understand the question
  255. Zash No question, really. The XEP is weird.
  256. lovetox yeah it is, thats what i wanted to express, weird but still workable
  257. lovetox :)
  258. Zash Was there a replacement for this?
  259. lovetox there is a multistage ibr thingy
  260. Zash There's BIND 2, SASL 2, bunch of others something 2
  261. Zash Does password change need to be something specialized or could it be a well-known ad-hoc command?
  262. lovetox could be an adhoc command
  263. Zash Ah, there it is https://xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0389.html
  264. Zash Does any currently popular server do that weird returning an error and a form?
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  266. lovetox yes
  267. lovetox Metronome
  268. lovetox i dont know about popular
  269. lovetox :)
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