jdev - 2019-11-30

  1. mbt

    hi im trying to develop a chat app w/ react-native, but im not sure i can connect my xmpp server prosody with react?

  2. mbt

    can someone help thankss?

  3. jonas’

    mbt, react is javascript, right?

  4. mbt


  5. jonas’

    mbt, you’ll probably need to look into javascript libraries doing XMPP over WebSocket or BOSH

  6. jonas’

    as well as enabling the respective modules in prosody

  7. Zash

    Once upon a time there was hints of native TCP connections in JavaScript

  8. mbt

    thanks i will check those

  9. Zash

    Like, in FirefoxOS back when that was a thing

  10. mbt

    i guess making native TCP conns can make harder my work

  11. Link Mauve

    Ah, sonny left, he’s working on a React Native client atm.

  12. Link Mauve

    Wait for him to come back.

  13. Link Mauve

    There is also Reventlov (not present here), and JSXC people.

  14. Link Mauve

    It seems like a popular library atm.

  15. mbt

    okay thanks i will stay around

  16. mbt

    JSXC looks solid but i guess implementing in rn is not the same way

  17. sonny

    Hey, xmpp.js has first class support for react native but websocket only

  18. sonny

    TCP/TLS would be nice but I haven't had the time/need for it yet - one would need to write glue java/swift code

  19. sonny

    See also https://medium.com/@connectycube/xmpp-real-time-chat-in-react-native-8d6d5d23dd47

  20. sonny

    Except there's no need to clone anymore you can just npm install

  21. Zash

    Non-standard and can't find anything about wrapping it in TLS https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Archive/B2G_OS/API/TPC_Socket_API