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  200. nykb for the Tigase client for ios is it possible to know if a connection is disconnected ?
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  203. nykb is there a way to know MessageSendingClient client is disconnected ?
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  205. Wojtek @nykb in the settings account has a dot indicating whether it's connected or not (or connecting);
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  208. nykb okay i found out the XMPPClient has a variable called state "SocketConnector.State"
  209. nykb with this im able to know the state of the client
  210. pep. Wojtek, why do you use @ btw? Is that a bug in your client?
  211. nykb i was looking for this because , sometimes i try to send messages , but it does not send , i suspected the client was disconnected
  212. nykb is it possible to keep the client connected as long at the application is active ?
  213. nykb i mean the XMPPClient for swift iOS
  214. nykb is it possible to keep it connected ?
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  229. Wojtek pep. I guess "force of habit" of mentioning someone from "other places"
  230. pep. ok
  231. Wojtek nykb - it should stay connected as long as it is active (in the foreground, limitation of the iOS). once you push it to the background the os will kill the connection after a short delay
  232. Wojtek pep. also - BeagleIM gives you a dropdown with nicknames after typing "@" so it's easier to mention someone
  233. pep. Why do you need to send @ on the wire?
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  236. Zash Converse.js does this too but doesn't include the @ in the actual message
  237. pep. (minus bugs: https://github.com/conversejs/converse.js/issues/1198)
  238. Wojtek pep. does it actually matter if it's there or not?
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  240. pep. It does. You're putting arbitrary semantics into body
  241. jonas’ Wojtek, most importantly, some clients will not match in that case
  242. pep. Of course it's not the same nick anymore :)
  243. jonas’ Wojtek, most importantly, some clients will not match for a highlight in that case
  244. Zash And it's kinda annoying
  245. pep. You'd expect other clients to recognize that arbitrary character and continue operating as if it wasn't there
  246. pep. -> arbitrary semantics
  247. Wojtek Zash - why it's annoying?
  248. pep. Why is "not being highlighted" annoying? (when it's actually aimed at you)
  249. pep. Is that a question
  250. Wojtek I'd argue that "@" shouldn't be treated as part of word (in the same sense that it's not part of localpart, domain or resource name)
  251. Wojtek I thought that "including 'a" per se was annoying, not the consequences
  252. Wojtek my bad
  253. jonas’ Wojtek, but I can have an `@` in my nickname
  254. Link Mauve Wojtek, the rules for highlight matching are very ad-hoc, no two clients will do the same.
  255. jonas’ what if I’m called @pep.?
  256. Link Mauve \b or \< in a regex might match the beginning of @pep.’s nick, or not, I’m not sure.
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  258. Link Mauve If I wrote about “somethingpep.” you may or may not highlight pep. for instance.
  259. Link Mauve Highlighting is still very much not a solved problem.
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  261. Wojtek Link Mauve - I know, Beagle for example highlights "sequences of characters" which is convenient in a way (if someone tries to add some sort of flexion to the nickname for example)
  262. Zash What if the attention element had a target nickname for muc
  263. Link Mauve References do fix that on the sending end, so that for instance when you press Tab to complete “p” into “pep.” it adds said metadata for pep.’s client to understand that this specific chunk of codepoints is a hl to him.
  264. Link Mauve Converse.js does use it the way you’re used to, you type @p, enter, and it puts “@pep.” in the input field but on the wire sends “pep.” with a reference attached.
  265. Link Mauve Wojtek, right, some languages do declinate names (including nicknames) and using \bnick\b would be very bad in that case.
  266. Wojtek jonas’ that's quite tricky
  267. Wojtek but as stated - this is very much not solved problem
  268. jonas’ \bnick\b also breaks with my current nickname
  269. Link Mauve Right.
  270. pep. and mine
  271. jonas’ https://lab.louiz.org/poezio/poezio/commit/6deffb430ef044938f1ed20fa2fdd47022d44970
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  313. nykb How to detect if XMPPClient connectionConfiguration has set clients credentials >
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  315. nykb How to detect if XMPPClient connectionConfiguration has set clients credentials , before login ?
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  319. nykb How to detect if XMPPClient connectionConfiguration has set clients credentials , before login when using Tigase Swift ?
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