jdev - 2019-12-09

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  49. DebXWoody

    gloox has been released https://camaya.net/news/gloox-1-0-23-released/ It is just a bug fix release with a "workaround" for https://mail.camaya.net/whups/ticket/?id=287 TLS 1.3 issue.

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  57. Guus

    Is that yours, DebXWoody ?

  58. DebXWoody

    Guus, no. I'm just started to use the lib and try to have a look into the lib as well.

  59. Guus


  60. Guus

    I vaguely recall one of my customers wanting to use it, being pretty happy with it, but having licensing issues.

  61. Guus

    but you're not the guy to talk to then :)(

  62. Guus

    Oh, by looking at that site, a commericial license offering _is_ provided

  63. Guus


  64. Guus


  65. Guus

    I've added the release to the content for the upcoming newsletter: https://wiki.xmpp.org/web/XMPP_Newsletter_January_2020#Libraries

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  67. ser

    is XMPP and the frameworksfree to use for personal and commercial purpose ?

  68. marc0s

    hi ser, XMPP is a standardised protocol and is free to use, frameworks and libraries may or may not be free to use for both personal and commercial use. But a good amount of them are under free software licenses, so you have some options to choose from

  69. marc0s

    I suggest you to have a look at https://xmpp.org/software/

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  71. Link Mauve

    DebXWoody, meh, he didn’t include the patch I sent him some month ago. :(

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  86. pulkomandy

    He made some fixes for my bugreports, but only in the trunk branch (for the next major release, not bugfix one)

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  88. DebXWoody

    gloox is not working on a debian system, because it's build with GnuTLS and use TLS 1.3. This is a blocker for 1.0.22 on debian stable. I think he just created a fix for this blocker. gloox will use 1.2 until he will be able to fix the issue with TLS 1.3

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  98. DebXWoody

    I'm one guy of the devlug.de - Linux User Group. In my spare time I would like to develop in C/C++. 1y back I started to look into XMPP, again. Now, I will work on my hawkbit projects at spare time. hawkbit-bot will be a XMPP Bot based on gloox. Im working on a module to get gitea webhooks on write those information into a MUC. It's already working (at least a prototype). Yesterday, I started with hawkbit-info. It will be a tool to query Information about XMPP Server. Check if the server is fine,... (just a idea). The goal of the project could be to have a kind of example to use gloox.

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  104. MattJ

    My first serious XMPP code was in and with gloox

  105. MattJ

    Glad it's still going :)

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  171. nykb

    is there any documentation on how to create Video/Image stanzas using the Tigase iOS Swift Client. ?

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  192. nykb

    is there any documentation on how to create Video/Image stanzas using the Tigase iOS Swift Client. ?

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  211. nykb

    is there any documentation on how to send Video/Image using the Tigase iOS Swift Client. ?

  212. moparisthebest

    nykb, you getting good responses spamming the same thing every 30 minutes?

  213. moparisthebest

    maybe try web searches or even tigase's support mucs

  214. nykb

    Web searches not being very helpful

  215. nykb

    Spam ? sorry!

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  238. DebXWoody

    It's working: https://nl.movim.eu/?node/pubsub.movim.eu/xmpp-messenger/91b366d2-a5ac-4802-9b96-d59f9c152356 :-)

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