jdev - 2019-12-13

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  80. lksjdflksjdf Does anyone know a public server that only has mam:1 for testing purposes?
  81. Link Mauve IIRC OpenFire did, at least until recently.
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  83. Link Mauve I don’t know of public services running it though.
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  86. Wojtek Tigase supports only mam:1 - you can check tigase.im/sure.im
  87. Link Mauve Wojtek, any reason it still hasn’t been updated to mam:2? The spec has been out for almost three years and many clients rely on its guarantees.
  88. Guus Openfire's latest updates attempt to support both MAM:1 and 2. You could install an older plugin. Not sure about the quality of support though.
  89. lksjdflksjdf Link Mauve, psst don't inspire them to upgrade, we'll loose test servers :]
  90. Link Mauve :D
  91. lksjdflksjdf thanks for the pointer Wojtek
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  96. Wojtek Link Mauve - no particular reason in itself
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  98. Wojtek on a separate note - why 0359 defines new element/namespace instead of requiring generation stanzas' IDs as UUID?
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  100. Link Mauve I wish it did, but maybe it isn’t discoverable properly.
  101. Link Mauve Also at some point it was a workaround for MUC being allowed to rewrite the sender’s @id (MUC has been fixed since then).
  102. Link Mauve https://xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0045.xml#revision-history-v1.31
  103. MattJ It's not a question of discovery, as much as the id attribute is chosen by the sender, not the server
  104. Link Mauve MattJ, the origin-id is also chosen by the sender.
  105. MattJ <stanza-id> was originally <archived by='...' id='...'/> and then it was decided that the id should be made generic and not just a part of MAM
  106. MattJ Yes, <origin-id> is more of a hack that should probably be dropped (but some people still have arguments in favour of it iirc)
  107. MattJ In the switch from <archived> -> <stanza-id> we've actually lost a way for the server to indicate whether a stanza was/wasn't archived (but maybe that's fine if we tighten up the rules about what a server should/shouldn't archive)
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  109. Zash MattJ, did we?
  110. Kev Did we what?
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  112. Zash Is the server supposed to stamp <stanza-id> on non-archived stanzas?
  113. MattJ It MUST stamp them on archived stanzas, but nothing says it can't stamp them on non-archived stanzas
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  116. Zash Don't think we don't not do that maybe.
  117. Kev My assumption was that it wouldn't.
  118. Kev But hadn't realised that we'd left it open.
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  125. lksjdflksjdf Wojtek, unfortunately it doesn't seem to be possible to register a tigase.im/sure.im account 🙁 they don't do in-band registration and the website is broken - clicking on register account -> next simply doesn't do anything.
  126. Wojtek I'm aware of this issue (since a couple of minutes ago) - there is a problem with websocket, which we fixed a while back but installation wasn't updated yet
  127. Wojtek write to me in private message and I can create you an account
  128. Wojtek done
  129. Zash Does Tigase not support SASL EXTERNAL for server-to-server authentication?
  130. Wojtek it's implemented recently, but not yet deployed
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  133. lksjdflksjdf Wojtek, great, thanks! 🙂
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  137. Zash Nice
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  139. Wojtek yeah, it was long time needed
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  143. lksjdflksjdf hm trying to set the tigase.im mam archiving preference to anything other than "never" with conversations doesn't work, I haven't found out yet if it's a conversations or tigase (or a user) issue, though
  144. Wojtek hmm, having XML log would be helpful :-)
  145. lksjdflksjdf When I send the stanzas manually, it works 🤷 so either a conversations bug or my fault for using it wrongly 🙂
  146. Wojtek no I'm curious what's happening between conversation and Tigase because... it should just work :-)
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  149. lksjdflksjdf Wojtek, I don't know how to get an XML log out of conversations (that's not the client I'm currently testing, I just wanted to use it for that setting 😉 ), but I guess you should be able to reproduce the problem if you want to investigate it.
  150. Wojtek well, if it works with XML and it works with our clients... ;-)
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