jdev - 2020-01-12

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  139. pep. Anybody doing anything specific to receive messages from biboumi users? In poezio we're ignoring carbons of MUC-PMs, and that's fine for the general use-case, but not for biboumi anymore
  140. pep. Users there have their own address that are not tied to MUCs, but biboumi components still have 'conference' as identity, so wherever you look it looks like a MUC-PM
  141. pep. Like a legacy MUC-PM
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  143. pep. https://lab.louiz.org/poezio/poezio/merge_requests/59/diffs I have this patch waiting, not sure what other effects it could have on real-life(tm) use-cases
  144. pep. example of user address: foo%network@biboumi. no resource. So I'm using this info to not ignore it, as normal MUC-PMs would have a resource :/
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  147. moparisthebest Wouldn't it come through as just a normal message or no?
  148. pep. "What's a normal message"? :)
  149. pep. How do you know it's normal
  150. moparisthebest Uh like someone messaging you from foo@domain ?
  151. moparisthebest I would think it would be the same thing
  152. pep. poezio apparently does a disco#info on the domain to check if it's a MUC, if we haven't been able to detect it was a PM before that (checking <x/>, open tabs, roster, bookmarks)
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  154. moparisthebest Is anything stopping a domain from serving both mucs and regular users? I think not
  155. moparisthebest I have quite a few IRC users like that in my roster
  156. pep. dino.im, and biboumi I think are the two cases I know of
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  158. pep. dino.im announces itself not as a muc component though (chat@dino.im _is_ a muc component technically)
  159. moparisthebest I guess I'm saying poezio is wrong querying the domain and assuming everything on it is a muc or not
  160. pep. I guess the issue is with clients not including <x/>. Poezio wouldn't need to do that
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  162. pep. (poezio might also be one such client..)
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  167. pep. moparisthebest, actually, the issue is not just doing the disco#info, otherwise poezio would possily consider that message as a MUC-PM
  168. pep. Unless one wants to say "no MUC-PM has a resource ever", then it's "easy" to distinguish between MUC-PM and not
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  170. pep. Unless one wants to say "no MUC-PM has a resource always", then it's "easy" to distinguish between MUC-PM and not
  171. Zash Nice and easy: Nope!
  172. allie does it matter that it's a MUC PM?
  173. Zash Matter how?
  174. Zash You must join the MUC to reply, for one thing.
  175. pep. allie, it matters because you want to ignore carbons of MUC-PMs you're not joined to
  176. allie Zash: I was asking about pep. trying to determine if a message was or wasn't a MUC PM
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  179. pep. And this breaks for biboumi
  180. allie not like I'm an expert on any of this stuff, just thinking... but why would someone be receiving message carbons from a MUC PM for a MUC they weren't joined to where they weren't sending messages?
  181. pep. You're joined to a MUC on clientA, you open MUC-PM from clientA to userB and start sending messages. Your clientB starts receiving carbons.
  182. allie ohhhhh, okay.
  183. Zash Also weird because PMs aren't sent trough channels in IRC
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  193. pep. What do other clients do?
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  201. pep. A pretty elegant solution is to disco#info the barejid instead of the domain. Not sure why this wasn't done before. (Thanks MattJ!)
  202. pep. I don't see any obvious side-effect
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