jdev - 2020-01-14

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  56. Pradeep Hi, I am using XMPP for intranet push notifications on mobile phones. Now I have a requirement to do intranet push notifications using XMPP on a web browser. When it comes to browser push notification, it is necessary to write client side inside "Service Worker". To keep it simple. Though my web application is not running in a browser instance, the browser should get notifications from ejabberd server and show a notification to the user.
  57. Pradeep Kindly let me know possible solutions.
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  59. jonas’ sorry, I don’t know web, but someone else might
  60. jonas’ stick around for a while
  61. Pradeep Sure. Thanks.
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  63. pep. Pradeep, I assume you're familiar with https://w3c.github.io/push-api/ https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/API/Push_API
  64. pep. You can still use that in combination with https://xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0357.html
  65. pep. I know some have done it, though I wished it was documented
  66. pep. Also, "intranet"?
  67. pep. Unless you recompile your browsers to change the push API implementation (change the push server's url), I am not entirely sure how that works. Maybe it's configurable..
  68. Pradeep It looks like browser Push_API supports push services like FCM.
  69. jonas’ you’re comfortable with sending intranet push notifications through google?
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  71. Pradeep We cannot do intranet messaging via FCM. It has to go through cloud.
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  75. Pradeep My scenarios is to support devices those are forced to not to be connected to internet.
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  77. Pradeep To make it short. The network the devices(desktop, mobile phones) connected is highly secured so that there will be no network connections.
  78. jonas’ Pradeep, but how will they then receive messages from FCM?
  79. Pradeep We should not use FCM
  80. Pradeep I am looking for a solution without thirdparty push services. Instead use XMPP for web push notification.
  81. Pradeep I have already achieved in web using Stophe.js on the web page. But the requirement is to establish XMPP connection in background browser service "Service Worker". Mine works only if I keep the web page alive on the browser.
  82. jonas’ I see; not sure if that’s even possible. I don’t know much about web things, and I avoid them if possible :)
  83. pep. Pradeep, the web push API doesn't use FCM. It uses the browser's vendor (Mozilla, Google, etc.)
  84. Pradeep Ok, pep. But I don't see an option where we can define our own push service url. That's why I got bit confused.
  85. pep. Hence me saying you might need to recompile the browsers with your own push server url
  86. pep. XMPP can't control that part
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  89. Zash about:config in Firefox has some dom.push.serverURL setting that looks relevant
  90. Zash set to some wss URL
  91. Zash No idea what it does tho
  92. pep. Zash, XMPP over Websockets!
  93. Pradeep Let me try the ways you guy suggested. Thanks pep. jonas’ & Zash
  94. Pradeep *guys
  95. pep. Try to get web push working already. I guess you can have fun reverse engineering the push server implementation later..
  96. pep. implementations*
  97. jonas’ pep., clean-room reverse engineer? :>
  98. jonas’ (I’m sorry)
  99. pep. Firefox and Chromium are free software :)
  100. jonas’ the push server may not be
  101. pep. True. Though if it's internal use, there's probably no obligation to redistribute their changes
  102. pep. Now.. IANAL
  103. pep. Maybe we should reject 357 because it's not possible to use it for web push internally /s
  104. jonas’ pep., I’m pretty sure that’s false.
  105. jonas’ since everything beyond the application server (which still needs to understand XMPP) is out of scope
  106. pep. I can't even joke without being accurate now :(
  107. Zash You could have the app server send an XMPP message over some existing connection. Or SMS. Or a carrier pidgeon.
  108. pep. Can I also publish my XEP "XMPP over ChaosPost"
  109. jonas’ or in morse code with trump tweet time spacings
  110. jonas’ pep., would be something for April 1st
  111. pep. But it'd be valid even if you need to pay a ticket to get to congress?
  112. Zash Is the specification for ChaosPost available?
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  114. pep. https://c3post.de/
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  151. marc0s hi, by reading XEP-0114 (Components) I understand that, given a component connecting with the proper `secret` it can act as any valid user since it's allowed to write whatever `from` it pleases, right?
  152. Kev On the domain that the component is hosting - which is a different domain from that of the server.
  153. flow marc0s, I'd say now
  154. flow err, 'no'
  155. Kev So if I'm isode.com, and I have a component authenticating as component.isode.com, that component can act as anything@component.isode.com, but not anything@isode.com.
  156. marc0s I'm currently bridging another system events via a permanently connected user account with admin privileges to create/destroy/manage MUCs based on that other system's events and I was wondering if a component would be a better approach
  157. flow marc0s, you may want to look at xep356 (and xep355)
  158. marc0s I see Kev, thanks
  159. marc0s flow, will have a look, thanks
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  162. Zash In Prosody you can have Components named user@host, so there's that.
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  164. marc0s Zash, so the component will be receiving all stanzas addressed to the bare jid I'd expect, isn't it?
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  166. MattJ Zash, no idea if that has ever been tested with external components
  167. marc0s 😀
  168. MattJ Also ssshh, it's not a feature we advertise :)
  169. flow uh, hidden features you are not supposed to talk about, now I wanna use it!
  170. MattJ When people find out you end up with things like dino@dino.im
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  173. pep. chat@dino.im :)
  174. MattJ That's the one
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  199. jonas’ MattJ, and also rodrigo.de.mucobedo@dreckshal.de.
  200. MattJ :)
  201. jonas’ which is mod_client_proxy, another abomination
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  264. Syed Ahmed Jamil Hi can anyone help me with pubsub. I have an entity that is both publisher and subscriber. I want the xmpp server (openfire) to not send my own published item back to me ? Is there any node configuration that makes this behavior happen ?
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  266. Syed Ahmed Jamil Is anyone online ?
  267. jonas’ yes
  268. jonas’ I don’t think what you’re asking for works with standard XEP-0060
  269. Syed Ahmed Jamil ok is there any other solution ?
  270. jonas’ don’t worry about those "reflections"
  271. jonas’ you can detect them by ID
  272. Syed Ahmed Jamil Basically they are a problem for my app. I am creating a collaborative whiteboard. I publish drawing events and listen to incoming messages. so whenever I draw I receive my own drawing events and it redraws on screen.
  273. Syed Ahmed Jamil which ID do you mean
  274. Syed Ahmed Jamil ?
  275. Syed Ahmed Jamil ?
  276. jonas’ Syed Ahmed Jamil, pubsub items have an ID
  277. jonas’ if you set the ID when publishing (for example, to a randomly generated UUID), you can detect your own events and ignore them
  278. Syed Ahmed Jamil oh I see then I have to work on creating those unique id's
  279. moparisthebest id=ignoreme; if(id == ignorme) ignore()
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  281. Syed Ahmed Jamil well if I set the id myself you mean when i will get that id in IQ stanza right ?
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  283. Syed Ahmed Jamil basically now I have to set publisher id in every payload im sending from my app. now I have to update all those payloads to include publisher id as well
  284. Syed Ahmed Jamil Alas! I wish there was some configuration for that on the server side
  285. jonas’ Syed Ahmed Jamil, no, I mean the ID of the pubsub item
  286. jonas’ sorry, I misunderstood
  287. jonas’ no, you’ll get the ID in the <message/> of the notification
  288. jonas’ (notifications arrive via <message/>, not via <iq/>)
  289. Syed Ahmed Jamil yes I can see the random id in the message stanza I am receiving.
  290. Syed Ahmed Jamil now I just have to update all places in my code where I'm publishing an item to include my own unique id
  291. Syed Ahmed Jamil that is a real pain lol
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  294. Syed Ahmed Jamil I really should have look at this earlier before creating all those pubsub events. I left this problem thinking I might be able to configure node some how.
  295. Syed Ahmed Jamil Anyway thanks Jonas and moparisthebest
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