jdev - 2020-01-16

  1. moparisthebest lovetox, MattJ: actually webfolk are implementing a "srv2" RFC currently called httpsvc to support esni and http3 and such
  2. moparisthebest So we'll need a xep0368 successor to let us use it, but we can put more stuff in there, should be interesting
  3. pep. "http"svc :/
  4. moparisthebest This might be the recent one https://tools.ietf.org/html/draft-nygren-dnsop-svcb-httpssvc-00 basically allows extra stuff like I was trying to cram into HACX, just implement some more DNS records they are cheap! :)
  5. moparisthebest pep.: Before you get too worked up: > The specific name for this RR type is an open topic > for discussion. "SVCB" and "HTTPSSVC" are meant as placeholders as > they are easy to replace. Other names might include "B", "SRV2", > "SVCHTTPS", "HTTPS", and "ALTSVC".
  6. moparisthebest Maybe xsf should officially advocate for one of the better alternatives?
  7. pep. Is there a comparison with SRV? What's the difference/why it's not suitable
  8. pep. ok they add optional key=value pairs to the record and port is now optional
  9. moparisthebest pep.: Look at the psuedo example up top, you can't cram stuff like "use http3" or "here are the esni keys" in regular SRV
  10. pep. There doesn't seem to be a weight anymore either
  11. moparisthebest For xmpp we can have this be 1 lookup and include direct TLS, regular, quic, likely Bosh and websocket too
  12. moparisthebest Hmm why would you want weight when you can just pay a CDN
  13. moparisthebest Too bitter? :)
  14. pep. hmm?
  15. pep. I personally avoid CDNs like the plague
  16. pep. But I don't understand the comment anyway
  17. moparisthebest Http rfcs seem to be dominated by browsers and cdns
  18. pep. You mean CDN would do load balancing themselves so no need for weight?
  19. moparisthebest I wildly assume since weight kind of let's you do your own load balancing, maybe the cdns didn't want to because it could cut on their business
  20. pep. One does wonder when does capitalism ever stop..
  21. pep. Anyway.. this doesn't seem completely useless, the xsf should certainly keep an eye on it
  22. moparisthebest Especially if we want esni and QUIC, which we do :)
  23. moparisthebest pep.: ah https://tools.ietf.org/html/draft-nygren-dnsop-svcb-httpssvc-00#page-29
  24. moparisthebest > Some other similar mechanisms such as SRV have a weight in-addition > to priority. That is excluded here for simplicity. It could always > be added as an optional SVCB parameter.
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  128. pep. https://tools.ietf.org/html/draft-nygren-dnsop-svcb-httpssvc-00#section-6.1 I never understand why one SHOULDs the type of value that a sender can use, and MUSTs receivers not to read it if it doesn't correspond to that type
  129. pep. Especially for a new protocol
  130. pep. What's the goal behind? Allow custom stuff on top of that? Somebody implementing something custom would have a say on both writer and reader, they would be breaking the spec anyway.
  131. pep. And if it's to allow extensions, one would need to say "In this case you can set the value as XXX" alongside "you can read the value as XXX"..
  132. pep. Maybe that was for xsf@, meh. that's where I got the link
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  161. flow pep., it's not really "doesn't correspond to that value". It says receivers have to ignore the whole entry if they do not understand the value
  162. flow Clients MUST ignore SVCB RRs where the "alpn" SvcParamValue is unknown or unsupported.
  163. lovetox hm if a user sets a proxy lets say socks5, does he expect DNS resolution via proxy?
  164. lovetox i know TOR users would not like if i dns resolve not via proxy, basically leaking the DNS request
  165. flow lovetox, tor users would say yes
  166. flow lovetox, I think the answer is that some do and some do not
  167. flow i.e. if you just use the socks5 proxy to be able to "reach the internet", but local dns resolves fine, then you are probably fine with dns lookups not using the socks5 proxy
  168. lovetox ok but is this some special case, or would you say this is should be followed always
  169. flow well if you implement support for dns lookups via the proxy, then I would probably simply always do it, and not make it configurable (or at least, only make it an advanced configuration option)
  170. lovetox ah no flow proxys support only very limited DNS resolution
  171. lovetox only A/AAAA
  172. lovetox which is probably still fine for socks5
  173. flow lovetox, IIRC socks5 supports udp?
  174. lovetox but for example its impossible to connect via websocket, without leaking the dns request
  175. flow at least at the protocol layer, not sure about the implementations
  176. flow so you could perform the lookup via udp over the proxy using a well known dns resolver
  177. lovetox of course you could do a dns resolution via socks5, but you have to impl the whole dns resolution protocol
  178. lovetox not really something i want to do to be honest
  179. flow some dns resolver libraries allow you to specify the IP or even the network link (for tunnels) to be used for the lookups
  180. pep. flow, my question was rather why do specs also not use MUST for the writer side ("Thou SHALL not use unsupported values")
  181. MattJ So they can remain extensible
  182. MattJ A future spec might add a new value, for example
  183. pep. Which I don't understand, as I said above
  184. MattJ and it's good to specify what legacy clients should do
  185. pep. MattJ, then the future spec would say "scrap that, you can use a new value here"
  186. MattJ Correct
  187. pep. So.. as the SHOULD is going to be overriten anyway by new specs, that's not an argument for extensibility imo
  188. MattJ Maybe also certain deployment-specific stuff would go there
  189. MattJ and it's good to know that clients that don't implement it will still have a defined behaviour
  190. pep. sure, because it says the reader should ignore it, that's fine
  191. pep. MUST
  192. pep. actually
  193. pep. It's just the fact that it's not symmetrical that confuses me
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  195. MattJ Because the person doing the sending gets to make the choice what value they put there
  196. MattJ The reader doesn't get the option to explode if it sees an unknown value
  197. MattJ That's totally sensible if you ask me
  198. pep. What's the point of sending stuff that's "allowed by the spec" (SHOULD) that nobody can read (MUST) ?
  199. pep. Extensions would redefine both anyway
  200. MattJ But old clients wouldn't update
  201. MattJ So you still want their behaviour to be known
  202. MattJ Rather than undefined
  203. pep. receiving old clients?
  204. pep. Sending old clients would still be fine with MUST/MUST anyway
  205. pep. Receiving old clients are also fine with MUST/MUST anyway
  206. pep. From what I understand
  207. pep. If you can find me a case where it doesn't work anymore with MUST/MUST I'll be happy to oblige :p
  208. MattJ Of course it would *work*
  209. MattJ It just means the spec doesn't restrict stuff that it doesn't have to
  210. MattJ Spec A defines list of types X, everyone implements it, everyone is happy
  211. MattJ Spec B adds new type for that field
  212. MattJ In a MUST/MUST world, anyone who complies with Spec B suddenly stops being compliant with Spec A
  213. MattJ and that's just unnecessary
  214. pep. No, they would implement Spec A + Spec B
  215. pep. Or rather.. they'd implement Spec B
  216. MattJ They can't implement both because Spec A expressly forbids them from implementing Spec B
  217. pep. And they'd use spec B with compatible devices?
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  219. MattJ I'm not sure how much there is that I haven't said that isn't obvious
  220. MattJ I have a meeting I'm prepping for, so need to disappear for a bit
  221. pep. Defining something obvious isn't generally helping
  222. pep. Have fun
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