jdev - 2020-01-21

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  27. lovetox rfc says https://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc6120#section-4.4 when closing a stream the side that closes has to wait for a closing in return
  28. lovetox but does that make sense in the case of a stream error?
  29. lovetox i get if i close the stream normally i want to give the other side the oppurtunity to send everything out it was going to send
  30. lovetox but in the case of a stream error, i will ignore anything anyway
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  41. MattJ lovetox: if you'll ignore then yes. But does the RFC even allow clients to send stream errors?
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  52. lovetox yes MattJ why not
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  83. flow lovetox, why do you have to ignroe any inbound stanzas on stream errors?
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  85. lovetox if i receive not well formed xml from the server
  86. lovetox and end the stream with a stream error
  87. lovetox why or how would it make sense to wait for more xml from the server?
  88. lovetox stream errors are not recoverable, means to me, all xml parsing ends right there
  89. flow ok, but thinking about the generic case, not the specific case where you can't recover from an ill formed xml stream
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  91. flow nothing forces you to not wait for the other side to close the stream and continue processing inbound stanzas
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  93. lovetox nothing forces me, but then i would ignore the "unrecoverable" rule for stream errors
  94. lovetox as i would still wait and parse inbound stanzas even after an stream error
  95. flow I think the rule leaves room for interpretation
  96. lovetox that was not my question, if i *could* do it
  97. lovetox may question was does it make sense
  98. lovetox is there a case where i want data from the server even after he violated basic rules of a stream
  99. flow If you can process the data, then I don't see and advantage by not doing it
  100. flow *an advantage
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  102. flow If you can process the data, then I don't see an advantage by not doing it
  103. flow hast to learn how poezio does autocorrect
  104. lovetox but there is no stream error other than malformed xml ones
  105. lovetox that client could send
  106. lovetox most stream errors are related to server actions
  107. lovetox like conflict, host-gone, not-authorized
  108. lovetox etc
  109. lovetox but yeah from the examples, i think its expected to send a close stream back even on error
  110. lovetox maybe malformed-xml is the exception where it really makes no sense
  111. flow What about errors on the layer above xml, like using XML mixed content, which is allowed by XML but disallowed in XMPP
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  114. pep. flow, /correct
  115. flow pep., and then I have to type the whole message again? Or is the idea that I select the message from the history, prefix it with '/correct', then correct it and hit enter?
  116. pep. /correct <tab>
  117. pep. Then you can edit and resend
  118. pep. But you can also /correct anothermessageinstead
  119. flow ahh
  120. flow ohh
  121. flow ui
  122. pep. And poezio doesn't yet implement the LMC "clarification"
  123. flow the "strike the last" from LMC?
  124. pep. no, the "always use the first id"
  125. pep. Otherwise yes in reading we do "Message Correction", not Last Message Correction.
  126. pep. We only send the last via /correct, but you can do /rawxml :x
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  129. lovetox another problem, say i send close stream
  130. lovetox and the server answers with more stanzas because i let him like the XEP suggests
  131. lovetox i cant ack these messages anmore via streammanagement
  132. lovetox so the server will think i didnt get those messages
  133. lovetox ..
  134. MattJ You can if you resume
  135. lovetox does close stream not mean i cant resume?
  136. MattJ Oh, right :)
  137. MattJ Yeah
  138. lovetox i think it causes more complexity and problems if after stream close, i wait for a stream close in return or any other stanza
  139. lovetox i dont see any benefit for client or server
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  144. jonas’ lovetox, the stanzas could still have been in flight
  145. jonas’ if your link has latency
  146. jonas’ you need some way to deal with this, even though "drop everything and log errors" may be a valid way
  147. Zash Resource-*un*-binding before /stream?
  148. jonas’ you still have to deal with stanzas which are in-flight when you send your unbind
  149. jonas’ same difference
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  154. Zash send un-bind, maybe receive stanzas, receive unbind-ack, send /stream, receive /stream
  155. jonas’ how’s that different from send /stream, maybe receive stanzas, receive /stream?
  156. Zash you can maybe send sm:a?
  157. jonas’ ah, that
  158. jonas’ yeah
  159. Zash more roundtrips!
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  161. Zash gotta add some after removing from the start
  162. flow Zash, I thought about that too, sure adds complexitly, which always opens up the discussion if its worth it
  163. Zash probably not
  164. flow Zash, I thought about that too, sure adds complexitly, which always opens up the discussion if it's worth it
  165. Zash can get Close Enough ™ with unavailable presence I guess
  166. flow yeah, but nice to think about it
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  179. leosbrf Hi all, when an user join a private room, I don't want him to have access to previous messages, only new messages. Is there a way I can accomplish that?
  180. Zash Yes, this can be implemented
  181. Zash Not aware of any publicly available such implementations tho
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  183. leosbrf Thank you, Zash. So I would have to write a module for this? I'm new to XMPP and currently I'm using ejabberd. Could you give me some references on how to get started on that?
  184. leosbrf links with docs or tutorials, besides ejabberd website itself, if any.
  185. Zash I can't do better than your favorite search engine I'm afraid
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  187. leosbrf no problem, thanks anyway
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  192. flow leosbrf, you may also want to ask this in the official ejabberd muc
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  294. marc0s hi, is there some XEP or part of Core that defines capabilities for registered accounts? something like userA cannot make use of the MAM or Carbons, for instance? Something like different kind of accounts with different sets of permissions
  295. Ge0rG marc0s: that sounds like a policy configuration, not a protocol. What would you write down in the xep?
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  297. marc0s Ge0rG, that sounds right, indeed. Maybe I'd like to have a way to query that policy. We've been asked for some weird (IMHO) requirement where some kind of accounts would only be allowed to receive messages, not sending them, but at the same time, senders should be aware of the recipient will not be able to answer because of that policy. I was just wondering if something already existed for that before inventing our own (basically doing that check out of band)
  298. Ge0rG marc0s: you might be able to appropriate https://xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0317.html (Hats) or https://xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0310.html Presence State Annotations
  299. Ge0rG but I'm sure there is no in-the-wild client support for either
  300. marc0s thanks Ge0rG. Client support is not an issue, we're rolling our own, based on stanzajs. Will have a look at that XEPs
  301. lovetox em, disco info comes to mind?
  302. lovetox but instead of routing it to the users, let the server answer with the caps for this account
  303. lovetox so a little server addon :)
  304. moparisthebest A: "can you send messages" B: "no but since I can't send messages I can't reply" A: *still waiting for response*
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  307. marc0s lovetox, yes, disco can be another way of solving this. Actually the XEP states than when querying a bare jid, it's the server who should answer, if I didn't misread it... so maybe yes, that's something a module can solve
  308. marc0s moparisthebest, :D
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