jdev - 2020-01-22

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  100. leosbrf

    flow , can you provide the link for the official ejabberd muc?

  101. flow

    leosbrf, it's well hidden at the end of https://docs.ejabberd.im/get-started/

  102. Link Mauve

    leosbrf, you can look it up yourself, like any other MUC, at https://search.jabber.network/

  103. flow

    > lovetox> em, disco info comes to mind? I usually view disco#info results as "this server supports this" and not as "you are allowed to use this feature"

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  105. flow

    how you discover that you are allowed or not allowed to use a feature is a good question. Typically you should get an error IQ back as response to an attempt to use a feature that, while being supported by the server, is not allowed for your account. Of course that error IQ should include a reasonable condition and a helpful text explaining that you are not allowed to do this because $reason

  106. Guus

    Zash / MattJ I've been asked to add a feature like Prosody's HTML log viewer to Openfire. Any obvious things I should take into consideration?

  107. Guus

    things you learned the hard way, when you implemented it?

  108. lovetox

    flow i think you misunderstood the requirement

  109. lovetox

    > senders should be aware of the recipient will not be able to answer because of that policy.

  110. lovetox

    so not the account itself does need that info

  111. lovetox

    other partys need the capabilities of the other client

  112. lovetox

    which is exactly what disco info is for

  113. lovetox

    and for your own capabilities you just disco info your own bare account jid

  114. lovetox

    which is done all the time, to see if MAM can be used and which version

  115. lovetox

    or httpupload, or whatever

  116. flow

    lovetox, right I misunderstood. However, I don't think that this makes my statement wrong.

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  124. lovetox

    but you are wrong, disco info to your bare jid does not in any way suggest what a server supports or not

  125. lovetox

    it tells you exactly what your account is able to use or not

  126. Zash

    Guus: Calendars are complicated. The current one is roughly a MAM query filtered through a template language. I'm kinda happy with that.

  127. lovetox

    if you want to know what a server supports, you have to disco info the service or host

  128. lovetox

    domain.org, or conference.domain.org

  129. lovetox

    or disco items to domain.org

  130. lovetox

    thats how you find out what a server supports

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  133. flow

    lovetox, that is potentially true, I believe that capabilities are often more fine-grained than the features returned by disco#info, so I am not sure if this is the right mechanism for that. I could be wrong though

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  138. lovetox

    you can add as much fine grained caps as you want see, disco info from upload.domain.org, httpupload service

  139. lovetox

    has a whole dataform with fine grained settings

  140. lovetox

    like max-file-size

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  152. leosbrf


  153. leosbrf

    Hi guys, I'm creating a MUC client and I'm trying to use XEP-0424: Message Retraction, but it is not working. Could anyone help with that? I posted the details on stackoverflow: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/59859845/how-to-retract-a-message-in-ejabberd I also posted it on the ejabberd official muc, but still did not get an answer. Thanks.

  154. larma

    leosbrf, have you read the big red warning at the beginning of https://xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0424.html

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  157. larma

    I doubt any server supports 0424 tombstones. They are also not strictly required because the receiving client should receive both, the message and the retraction message

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  159. larma

    If you want to ensure the retraction message appears in MAM, you probably need add a store hint when sending it (`<store xmlns="urn:xmpp:hints"/>`)

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  206. leosbrf

    thanks larma

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