jdev - 2020-01-26

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  65. Link Mauve

    xmppnoob, you may also be interested in starting from an existing client, rather than writing everything from scratch.

  66. Link Mauve

    Also on mobile.

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  123. rion

    Which sides sends ibb open for a jingle transport? A session initiator or a transport creator? They are not always the same

  124. rion

    It can be also content creator. So one of three

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  127. rion

    Seems like it's always session initiator according to the diagram in the xep. So doesn't matter which side added the content or replaced the transport. Is it so?

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  185. flow

    lovetox, I just invited someone to a members only room via gajim. It would be great if gajim would asked if I want to make the bare jid a member prior inviting. Do you want me to create a feature request (if there is none already)?

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  187. lovetox

    does that question make sense?

  188. lovetox

    there is no choice there

  189. jonas’

    I think it should simply always do that if it can, and use mediated + warning if it can’t

  190. flow

    well I could be unware that it's a members only room, but fair point

  191. lovetox

    of course the whole topic is a bit of a mess

  192. lovetox

    and one of the topics in xmpp that you cant do right in all circumstances

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  195. lovetox

    this definitly deserves a wiki entry

  196. lovetox

    i will soon touch that code in Gajim then i will look into it

  197. lovetox

    first question to me would be if servers show muc#roomconfig_allowinvites in disco info

  198. lovetox

    or if i need to pull the config, which is impossible as non admin

  199. lovetox

    if servers dont expose that, i would simple disallow any non admin to invite people into a member-only room

  200. lovetox

    and as an admin, i would use a mediated invite, and hope the server implements adding the invitee automatically

  201. MattJ

    I think prosody exposes that in disco

  202. lovetox

    really the whole room config should be exposed, i see no sense in hiding it

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  205. MattJ

    Password and all :)

  206. lovetox

    ok you found one :

  207. lovetox

    ok you found one :D

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  220. jonas’

    lovetox, some room config may also be anti-abuse, and those options should typically be hidden

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  229. lovetox

    hm i read the RFC and for me its clear, but just to be sure i ask

  230. lovetox

    a roster push item, is never a diff

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  232. lovetox

    means i can fill all attributes that are not in the item

  233. lovetox

    with default values

  234. jonas’

    it replaces the previous item for that JID, except if it’s set to "delete", then it removes that item

  235. jonas’


  236. lovetox

    yeah i meant when i receive the push

  237. lovetox

    but i guess its the same

  238. lovetox

    ok then i dont know why i added that weird code i found

  239. lovetox

    especially the question is about "name" attr

  240. lovetox

    say a roster item has a name="Romeo"

  241. lovetox

    and i change this roster item, but modify only the groups

  242. lovetox

    the server must always include name=Romeo, in the following pushes

  243. lovetox

    or not?

  244. lovetox

    even if the update didnt modify the name attr

  245. MattJ

    lovetox: the push contains the full entry

  246. lovetox

    yeah thanks thats what i was looking for

  247. lovetox

    you formulated with one sentence what i tried to describe with 10 :d

  248. MattJ

    So if name existed and is missing in the push, that means it was removed

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