jdev - 2020-02-15

  1. Sam Whited

    There is a notation for expressing full XML names (or probably several)… does anyone know what any of them are called? One of the many reasons I hate XML is that I can't figure out how to actually write the name of a thing in an email or wherever when explaining something, and can never find it by searching. Don't really care what notation, just something that I can use and point someone at a doc for if they ask how to read the notation

  2. Sam Whited

    I vaguely remember people using space:local or local:space or something?

  3. Link Mauve


  4. Kev

    Clark Notation?

  5. Kev

    (Which is {xmlns}name)

  6. Sam Whited

    ah yah, thanks, that will work well enough and searching for it I found a doc I can link. Thanks again.

  7. Sam Whited

    either one will work, I suppose