jdev - 2020-02-16

  1. defanor

    Is there a recommended (or even standard, that I'm missing) way for clients to "expire" sent/tracked IQs with no responses?

  2. lovetox

    no defanor

  3. lovetox

    in your client you expire them by ignoring the result

  4. lovetox

    but you cant tell the server, dont send the result

  5. lovetox

    even if there would be a way, servers process stanzas in the order they come in

  6. lovetox

    you when they get to your "expire" or cancel iq thingy, its already to late and they sent their result

  7. defanor

    Yes, I meant the rules for "expire them by ignoring the result": e.g., how long a client should/expected to wait, or how many IQs it should remember.

  8. lovetox

    you should remember all IQs until you decide to not remember them anymore

  9. lovetox

    there are no rules

  10. lovetox

    if you request a blocking list via IQ, because the user opened a UI to show the blocking list, and he closes the window after 1 second, it makes no sense anymore to wait for the IQ

  11. lovetox

    if a user deletes a user from the roster via IQ, it probably makes sense to wait as long as the application is running for the result

  12. lovetox

    it all depends on what you are doing

  13. defanor

    I see, thanks.

  14. lovetox

    as IQ flow is GET -> RESULT, the party that sends you the result does not care a bit if you ignore it or not