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  290. lovetox little offtopic but i dont know an appropriate room for the question
  291. lovetox at work i browse with firefox, it always tells me that it does not recognize the CA of the cert, but the cert seems to be installed as root cert on my maschine so firefox is fine with it
  292. lovetox the cert is obviously from my company
  293. lovetox does that mean they can intercept and read all TLS traffic?
  294. Zash Sounds like a MITM TLS proxy.
  295. Zash Then yes, those can read all your TLS traffic.
  296. lovetox hm i guess its their right, i use their hardware, but annoys me a bit
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  300. flow I am pretty sure they do not have the right if you fall under german jurisdiction
  301. Ge0rG flow: they are allowed to do so if you are not allowed to use the PC for private purposes
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  305. lovetox in Austria they can read all you do
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  307. lovetox they are just not allowed in some circumstances to make it a offical reason for a lay off
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  352. pep. When reading a stanza/xml element, is there a case where one would want to know the declared prefixes ever? apart to determine what's the "default" NS for the current element. With this I mean "bar" for <foo xmlns="bar"/> or <ns:foo xmlns:ns="bar"/> are technically equivalent and there's no reason for the higher-level application to be aware of the difference, right?
  353. Zash Not that I've encountered.
  354. pep. You'd want to set a custom prefix I guess for special cases like stream:stream, or for debugging maybe
  355. pep. (even though 0044..)
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  358. Zash I don't see how anything is improved by spamming namespace prefixes like that.
  359. pep. spamming?
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  361. Zash https://xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0044.xml#example-4
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  364. pep. yeah I guess the version thing is meh. I'd say it's a contrived exapmle just to show support
  365. pep. In practice you probably wouldn't generate this, that's not really smart
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  367. Zash You did say 'when reading'.
  368. pep. Ok. Well that confirms what I was asking anyway
  369. pep. You don't need to know
  370. Zash When serializing there might sometimes be some benefit, like not having to have the xmlns twice in errors
  371. pep. what do you mean
  372. Zash <iq id="dawsdfRgbxBQAfF6" type="error" to="me" from="borkborkbork"> <error by="my server" type="cancel"> <remote-server-not-found xmlns="urn:ietf:params:xml:ns:xmpp-stanzas"/> <text xmlns="urn:ietf:params:xml:ns:xmpp-stanzas">Server-to-server connection failed: unable to resolve service</text> </error> </iq>
  373. Zash Observe how the error condition and text elements have the same xmlns. And it's not the shortest one ever.
  374. pep. sure but prefixes are not important here right
  375. pep. NSs are
  376. pep. hmm I'm not sure I understand sorry
  377. Zash It's verbose and a pain to read.
  378. pep. Sure, and you can deduplicate that
  379. pep. We're not talking about the same thing
  380. pep. That's not the layer I'm currently worried about :)
  381. Zash <error by="my server" type="cancel" xmlns:e="urn:ietf:params:xml:ns:xmpp-stanzas"> <e:remote-server-not-found/> <e:text>Server-to-server connection failed: unable to resolve service</e:text> </error> Would be fewer bytes and easier to read.
  382. pep. What I get from this is there is no need for the application to know about the prefix
  383. Zash None
  384. Zash Not unless it wants to be annoying and really enforce that the <stream:stream> has that exact prefix.
  385. Zash ... which IIRC is required by the standard
  386. pep. yeah, I have an idea for the API
  387. pep. That'd be an extra step, by default I'll just not ask for prefixes
  388. Zash If you wanna serialize the input back exactly then I guess you wanna keep it
  389. pep. And they will be generated
  390. pep. right
  391. Zash But if you're a server routing stanzas it might be more efficient to keep the actual input
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  402. Kev We were recently looking at this and came to the conclusion that the server should be preserving prefixes etc. I forget what led us there.
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  405. pep. Compat?
  406. pep. But preserving prefixes is different from not exposing them to the user of my library anyway
  407. Kev Indeed.
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