jdev - 2020-03-27

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  167. Jeybe To check supported xeps on a specific server one needs to be logged in, correct?
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  170. flow Jeybe, depends, simply querying the disco#info of the server's address may already reveal most XEPs
  171. flow but obviously not the ones that are only exposed to users of this service
  172. Jeybe To mention, I'm completely new to XMPP development (and so the conrecte XMPP and XEP specs) and mostly new to development in general. The XEPs I'd like to check are the ones from the Compliance Suite
  173. flow Jeybe, well you could simply get the source code of the compliance checker and look how the checker does it
  174. Ge0rG Jeybe: some relevant features like Push and MAM are probably only visible on your own account JID, not on the server JID
  175. Ge0rG so yes, you need to have an account
  176. Jeybe Ok thx
  177. Jeybe Makes sense, as for the tester on compliance.conversations.im also needs account credentials
  178. Ge0rG the code behind is https://github.com/iNPUTmice/caas
  179. flow thats why I am in favor of stuffing those features also in the disco#info response of the service's address: you don't need to have an account to check how widespread an xep/feature is implemented
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  247. pep. left: `"<root xmlns=\"root_ns\" a=\"b\" xml:lang=\"en\">meow<child c=\"d\"/><child xmlns:ns0=\"child_ns\" d=\"e\" xml:lang=\"fr\"/>nya</root>"` right: `"<root xmlns=\"root_ns\" a=\"b\" xml:lang=\"en\">meow<child c=\"d\"/><child xmlns=\"child_ns\" d=\"e\" xml:lang=\"fr\"/>nya</root>"`'
  248. pep. People doing xml properly in their stack, what version would use the less bytes in the general case?
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  250. pep. Here for sure it's the right one, but in XMPP it's quite common to reuse jabber:client right
  251. pep. So I'd rather not shadow it
  252. flow to
  253. flow many
  254. flow quotes
  255. pep. yeah sorry, that's the output of my tests :)
  256. flow pep this is about XML serialization, right?
  257. pep. yes
  258. flow I think I would simply use the prefix if it already exists, otherwise not
  259. pep. left: `#"<root xmlns="root_ns" a="b" xml:lang="en">meow<child c="d"/><child xmlns:ns0="child_ns" d="e" xml:lang="fr"/>nya</root>"#` right: `#"<root xmlns="root_ns" a="b" xml:lang="en">meow<child c="d"/><child xmlns="child_ns" d="e" xml:lang="fr"/>nya</root>"#`'
  260. pep. here, without the escaping
  261. pep. flow, not what I'm asking
  262. pep. or maybe with this you mean I shouldn't shadow
  263. pep. and prefer the left version
  264. flow where is something shadowed in the left/right examples you showed?
  265. pep. In the right example the child xmlns shadows root's
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  267. pep. the second child
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  269. pep. Which means if this child has descendants, I won't be able to reuse root's ns without redeclaring it
  270. flow right
  271. flow but in xmpp we tend to not re-use jabber:client once an extension element namespace has been declared
  272. flow <forwarded/> being one prominent exception
  273. Link Mauve An exception would be forwarded or MIX.
  274. flow ahh MIX, really?
  275. Link Mauve MIX-PRESENCE IIRC.
  276. flow cause its in pubsub potentially
  277. flow anyway, I am not sure what you are asking, or if there is a generic answer to your question
  278. Link Mauve Presence in PubSub! \o/ <items node='urn:xmpp:mix:nodes:presence'> <item id='123456#coven@mix.shakespeare.example/UUID-x4r/2491'> <presence xmlns='jabber:client'> <mix xmlns='urn:xmpp:presence:0'> <jid>hecate@shakespeare.example/UUID-x4r/2491</jid> <nick>thirdwitch</jid> </mix> <show>dnd</show> <status>Making a Brew</status> </presence> </item> </items>
  279. flow but if your codebase is so far feature complete that you think about saving bytes… ;)
  280. pep. flow, no I'm just curious, I have to make a choice :P
  281. Link Mauve pep., what I’d do would be to let the user declare the prefixes they want on the root <stream:stream>, if XEP-0044 negociated it’s allowed, and only use prefixed elements if their namespace has been defined there.
  282. pep. My implementation does left at the moment
  283. pep. But our tests do right
  284. flow pep: smack would (potentially) prefix presence in this case
  285. flow with the rule I mentioned before
  286. pep. let me test on real data
  287. pep. Link Mauve, minidom doesn't have the knowledge of "stream header" or not
  288. Link Mauve pep., yeah, so it should be handled at another layer, which is why I said “let the user”.
  289. pep. Sure, with the new API I let the user define custom prefixes
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  296. pep. <stream:stream xmlns:stream="http://etherx.jabber.org/streams" xmlns="jabber:client"><message><body/><replace xmlns:ns0="urn:xmpp:message-correct:0"/></message></stream:stream>
  297. pep. hmm, ns0 is indeed useless here.
  298. pep. And message and body just reuse the default ns
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  307. pep. wait, this is not valid. it should be ns0:replace
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