jdev - 2020-03-30

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  94. DebXWoody Is there a tool available to create a MUC and set a JID as admin via command line? (see https://codeberg.org/Codeberg/Community/issues/38 🤩 ).
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  97. lovetox as server admin? probably, look at server docs
  98. Link Mauve Prosody exposes its internal MUC API over mod_admin_telnet, if that’s a thing you want to use.
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  100. Zash There's at least one CLI XML console thing
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  103. Zash Why don't we just add an ad-hoc command for creating rooms?
  104. Zash DebXWoody: You could even do some integration and have it automagically create rooms for each project
  105. Zash You could do anything!
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  107. Zash Hmmmmm
  108. Zash If you know the JID of the owner(s) of $project then you could reject creation of a $project@muc.host unless it's them. Or reassign ownership on creation.
  109. Zash So many options!
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  206. lovetox can someone join tigase@muc.tigase.org?
  207. lovetox seems down for me
  208. Wojtek @lovetox works for me
  209. Wojtek from which server do you try to join?
  210. lovetox ah damn
  211. Wojtek s2s?
  212. lovetox from one with expired cert
  213. lovetox thats probably the problem
  214. lovetox thanks
  215. Wojtek :D
  216. Wojtek well, it should be possible to use dialback still
  217. lovetox hm do i have to setup something special on my server for this to work?
  218. Zash Huh, odd, it closed the connection
  219. Wojtek @lovetox if you didn't disable dialback then it should work just fine; however if you have expired certificate we would still advertise sasl-external (we changed that recently, but it's not deployed yet) so if your server decied to use sasl-external then it would fail -- but it would be better to check actuall logs
  220. Wojtek @Zash `muc.tigase.org`?
  221. Zash s2s disconnected: expired.badxmpp.eu->muc.tigase.org (closed)
  222. Zash badxmpp.eu feature request: thing to trigger outgoing s2s
  223. Wojtek @Zash how does that (tester) work? if this indicates expired certificate then it seems to be ok here: ``` notBefore=Mar 3 18:06:36 2020 GMT notAfter=Jun 1 18:06:36 2020 GMT ```
  224. Zash huh
  225. Zash where do you see that?
  226. Zash https://paste.debian.net/1137435/ logs from that end fwiw
  227. Zash Wojtek, xmpp:expired.badxmpp.eu has an expired cert, intentionally for testing against
  228. Zash See https://badxmpp.eu/ and https://mail.jabber.org/pipermail/jdev/2020-March/090417.html in case you haven't seen that
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  231. Wojtek @Zash uhm... I was checking muc.tigase.org - didn't grasp intent of badxmpp.eu at first :-)
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  249. lovetox Wojtek, im on the hunt for a bug in tigases muc impl
  250. lovetox i found this https://paste.gajim.org/view/5c9b99b7
  251. lovetox i have to check the XEP but i dont think thats legal
  252. Wojtek "MUC component is disconnected."!?
  253. lovetox yeah dont know what that should mean
  254. Zash What's going on? Being kicked because the MUC component went down?
  255. lovetox whats weird first is status code 332
  256. lovetox in the XEP it says
  257. lovetox Inform user that he or she is being removed from the room because the MUC service is being shut down
  258. lovetox so this seems it should only be broadcasted to the kicked occupant
  259. lovetox not all other occupants
  260. lovetox but i guess its open to interpretation, because this status code and its use is nowhere mentioned in the XEP
  261. Wojtek I checked our sources and there is nothing that says: "MUC component is disconnected."
  262. Zash What about "%s component is disconnected." or similar?
  263. lovetox would my server fake a presence from a room im connected?!
  264. lovetox sounds weird
  265. Wojtek my colleague was doing some maintenance on our instances that could result in such information to user (so they wouldn't remain in a state thinking they are in the room)
  266. lovetox so it has to be from tigase
  267. Wojtek ok, case sensitive search - got it and yes - it's due to maintance
  268. lovetox ok further whats weird is this stanza not missing the affiliation='none' ?
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  270. lovetox either way this went not like you wanted
  271. lovetox the MUC didnt seem to kick me, but told me about all other people beeing kicked
  272. lovetox with a status code thats not meant for me to be received
  273. Wojtek a little bit of context: tigase.org is a cluster installation, and when one of the nodes goes down we generate notification about those occupants that are connected to the node that is being disconnected
  274. Wojtek so status code in this case fits
  275. lovetox yes true forget about the status code
  276. lovetox text around that is weird in the xep
  277. lovetox but what about the missing affiliation?
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  279. Wojtek well, 'none' is lack of affiliation so if you didn't have affiliation do we *have to* include affiliation='none'?
  280. lovetox yes
  281. lovetox read 5.2 Affiliations (XEP-0045)
  282. lovetox > Information about affiliations MUST be sent in all presence stanzas generated or reflected by the room and sent to occupants
  283. Wojtek @lovetox added missing attritubte in this case (and there shouldn't be more disconnects today...)
  284. lovetox nice thanks
  285. lovetox just for reference on my bug tracker, in what version will this land?
  286. Wojtek 8.1.0, but this only applies to installations that use ACS
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