jdev - 2020-04-01

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  27. Martin Is XEP-0333: Chat Markers the XEP currently used when you want to sync the state of your read position between devices?
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  73. lovetox yes Martin
  74. Martin thanks
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  80. Ge0rG flow: I've just encountered an issue on smack 4.3.4 that looks like an exact reappearance of https://discourse.igniterealtime.org/t/issue-reporting-concerning-smack-312-and-rosterentry-setname/71838 and https://discourse.igniterealtime.org/t/smack-4-1-0-rosterentry-setname-doesnt-change-the-name/73006 - do you know anything about that?
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  83. Ge0rG I suppose it's related to 86548b87bb
  84. pep. Martin: see also 0430-Inbox
  85. pep. (which is probably gonna use 333 to some extent)
  86. flow Ge0rG, its not easy to comment on "an issue" without a clear issue description. I guess you probably talking about RosterEntry.setName() not changing the name? And why do you suppose that it is related to 86548? That information would be helpful. I am not aware of issues with that part of the API. But if a previously closed issues reappears that this should probably lead to an integreation test to avoid regressions in this area. A minimal reproducer would be nice, to debug the issue and to act as base for a potential integration test.
  87. Ge0rG flow: RosterEntry.setName() does change the name but it doesn't fire the RosterListener.entriesUpdated() callback. In 86548 the code was changed from changing an internal shadow copy of the name in RosterEntry to silently changing the "master" value in the RosterItem. So there is no entriesUpdated() from setName(), and then the incoming roster push is processed, but the RosterItem already has the new name so no entriesUpdated() is fired either
  88. Ge0rG flow: do you have integration tests for handling multiple IQs in sequence?
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  91. Ge0rG the issue description in https://discourse.igniterealtime.org/t/issue-reporting-concerning-smack-312-and-rosterentry-setname/71838 is very accurate
  92. flow Ge0rG, I am sorry, but I do not understand the "multiple IQs in sequence" part of the question
  93. Ge0rG flow: setName() issues a roster update IQ and waits for the result, which is allowed to be empty. The actual roster change then would come as a roster push from the server
  94. Ge0rG thus one outgoing roster change IQ plus response, one incoming roster push IQ
  95. flow so? As far as I understand the issue, an integration test would invoke setName() and check that the exepcted callback is invoked
  96. Ge0rG flow: yes, but that integration test would require a mock server to send a push after the roster change
  97. flow Ge0rG, integration tests run against real servers
  98. flow but unrelated, this probably can be also done as unit test as smack has test fixtures to simulte the responses from a server
  99. Ge0rG flow: I haven't checked for the presence of either kind of tests for this specific issue
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  101. flow unrelated: this probably can be also done as unit test as smack has test fixtures to simulate the responses from a server
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  105. Ge0rG testChangeNameToUnfiledEntry() looks like it *might* be doing this kind of test
  106. Ge0rG but maybe roster.reload() in the middle actually breaks it?
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  109. flow potentially. I had a quick look at the code, could be that simply removing item.setName(name) in RsoterEntry.setName() does the trick
  110. Ge0rG flow: I'm pretty sure it will, except that you won't get an update on the incoming IQ result ack but only after the push
  111. Ge0rG I suppose the cleaner solution would be to have a different method than setName() that would also trigger the callback
  112. flow yeah, i somehow feel that's the reason the item.setName() is there in the first place
  113. Martin pep.: > Martin: see also 0430-Inbox Thanks 😃
  114. flow ahh hmm, right, RosterEntry.setName() could invoke the callback itself
  115. Ge0rG flow: looks like it is only ever called from RosterItem.setName() so that sounds valid
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  165. lovetox Ge0rG, i dont get your reply on list regarding muc versioning
  166. lovetox why would you need to query the member list?
  167. lovetox ah because of offline members
  168. lovetox but the XEP says you get a presence for those aswell
  169. Ge0rG exacttly
  170. lovetox so why?
  171. Ge0rG lovetox: it doesn't say that.
  172. lovetox hm
  173. Ge0rG lovetox: it suggests that as an optional optimization
  174. lovetox but would that not be preferable instead of redesigning member querying
  175. lovetox this would make impl much more easy for clients
  176. lovetox and not try to mach infos from different querys into one
  177. Ge0rG lovetox: yes, it would be great.
  178. lovetox the problem is it breaks clients
  179. Ge0rG does it?
  180. lovetox because the server cannot know if a client supports the XEP, so it cant just send unavailable presences on join
  181. Ge0rG MattJ said it shouldn't, as it is also used to inform clients about live membership changes
  182. lovetox which is not in the spec
  183. lovetox ah ok
  184. lovetox if thats so, then im in favor of just adding this to that xep
  185. Ge0rG and GC1 clients already were exposed to presence-unavailable for occupants they didn't ever see
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  188. lovetox this is definitly strong contender for XEP of the year
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  191. lovetox this is an insane performance boost when joining mucs
  192. lovetox i want to implement it right now
  193. MattJ :)
  194. Ge0rG lovetox: maybe you should wait for the Council to accept it ;)
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  196. Ge0rG Oh, one thing I missed mentioning: > The value MUST be generated only by the server and MUST be treated by the client as opaque.
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  199. lovetox what im missing in the XEP is, does the server summary of presence stanzas?
  200. lovetox like if since my last join a user 200times changed his nickname
  201. lovetox do i get all those changes?
  202. MattJ You don't
  203. Ge0rG MattJ: that should be mentioned more explicitly
  204. MattJ +1
  205. MattJ On the other hand...
  206. Ge0rG MattJ: also the note regarding @ver being opaque
  207. MattJ It don't make much difference to the client, does it? (apart from performance)
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  210. Ge0rG MattJ: in theory, you should send all changes to occupation and messages interleaved.
  211. lovetox yeah with nickchanges it gets tricky
  212. Zash Presence in MAM?
  213. lovetox hmm
  214. lovetox no really the nick changes are a problem or not?
  215. MattJ Oh, regarding the opaque thing I assumed you were quoting from the XEP... I had agreed with JC that it would be opaque to the client (because this leaves a lot of doors open for the server implementation, which is important)
  216. Ge0rG MattJ: I was quoting from XEP-0237
  217. MattJ lovetox, at a minimum you would see the old nick leave and the new one join
  218. lovetox MattJ the problem is if that nick sent messages in between
  219. MattJ I guess the nick change status code /should/ be included, but if we can avoid mandating that I'd like to...
  220. Ge0rG what if somebody else joined under that nick inbetween?
  221. MattJ Yeah, though this problem exists without presence versioning
  222. Ge0rG and wrote nasty messages.
  223. MattJ Leave room, nick change, message, nick change, rejoin the room
  224. Zash Tie it into Occupant ID?
  225. lovetox yeah true, if i get this message via MAM i cant say who wrote it
  226. MattJ So I don't see that this spec makes the situation any worse than today, nor is it this spec's duty to solve that problem
  227. lovetox i guess this is the point of an anonymous muc anyway
  228. lovetox but yeah occupant id would solve that
  229. lovetox although no idea how i should display such thing UI wise to the user :D
  230. lovetox probably add the occupant-id into the color hash
  231. Ge0rG lovetox: maybe you should only care about this problem in private closed-group MUCs
  232. Ge0rG and in non-anon MUCs MAM will append the real-jid, or something?
  233. lovetox hm yeah
  234. lovetox though UI wise i could simply display real jids in a tooltip
  235. lovetox so at least there is a way for the user to discover that
  236. lovetox and no in non-anon room the color hash is of the real jid anyway
  237. lovetox so in theory the user is more than equiped to notice that
  238. Ge0rG color hash ❤
  239. lovetox or whatever it is called
  240. lovetox the thing that generates the user color
  241. Ge0rG I just love the feature
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  243. lovetox its great though i get sometimes very similiar colors
  244. lovetox but added with avatars it should be ok
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  253. pep. Is anybody actually having perf issues with current MUC btw? And from what amount of users?
  254. pep. That is noticeable to other users*
  255. Ge0rG joining the Matrix HQ takes a minute or two. Some client implementations will use that to time-out the join
  256. MattJ The conversation that sparked this XEP involved a MUC with 5-10k users
  257. pep. Right, so not a typical XMPP channel
  258. Ge0rG Are there actual MUCs with this many people?
  259. MattJ (it's not clear that this spec alone is going to suffice for solving that)
  260. MattJ Ge0rG, yes, though obviously in custom deployments
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  263. Zash Might wanna limit presence to those recetly active?
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  266. Ge0rG Also... if most of these users are joining and leaving at typical rates, the delta will be longer than the absolute list ;)
  267. MattJ Things like "dump all employees into a single MUC" (if you've used Slack, something like their default #general channel)
  268. MattJ Ge0rG, yes, as in roster versioning the server should be free to just send the current list
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  274. Ge0rG MattJ: see my marker token response on the ML
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  292. Ge0rG flow: do you have the setName() thing on your agenda or are you anticipating a PR?
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  312. flow Ge0rG, I would anticipate something that reminds me that it is an open issue. Either a forum post, PR or an new Smack issue (IIRC your JIRA account can create smack issues?).
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  331. Ge0rG flow: it looks like RosterEntry.setName() is the only relevant place to change, as there are no other methods for manipulating individual entries, and the RosterGroup modifer functions all rely on the reflected roster push
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  340. lovetox hm so i get the ver attribute only on my self presence
  341. Ge0rG it needs to be on every presence
  342. lovetox this means i receive X presences and dont know if this is a catchup or not
  343. Ge0rG and yes, the reset token must come first, before any presence
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  361. lovetox was there ever an update to Serverless Messaging
  362. lovetox maybe some xep that defines some transport encryption
  363. lovetox Even most E2E is hard, because we have no PEP to share keys and stuff
  364. jonas’ OTR would work just fine
  365. jonas’ :>
  366. lovetox legacy PGP works also
  367. jonas’ see, all the good stuff is just fine
  368. lovetox Link Mauve, tells me often he like that feature on conferences
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  370. lovetox but not so sure if people really like it to send messages plain over open wlan networks
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  376. flow I am not sure if transport encryption is feasible with serverless messaging
  377. jonas’ it is, anonymous TLS is (was?) a thing
  378. jonas’ it’s only useful against passive attackers though
  379. Zash jonas’: Is it still?
  380. jonas’ if it isn’t, you can still generate a self-signed certificate for your hostname
  381. jonas’ could even do TOFU key pinning
  382. Zash Tie it into the E2EE thing of your choice
  383. Zash or into a overlay network like Tor
  384. Zash There's an RFC about using OpenPGP keys in TLS
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  387. flow ahh right, that would be worth an experiment
  388. Zash Anon TLS and then use some E2EE or similar magic to authenticate the connection, like how SCRAM-PLUS works
  389. mathieui is there any client other than gajim that does serveless messaging though?
  390. Zash Pidgin
  391. Zash There's a thing in the Swift tree too
  392. Zash and Telepathy I think?
  393. Zash > thing in Swift thing that works like a server and translates to serverless, so should work with any client
  394. flow mathieui, I hope to continue working on smack's support for serverless
  395. Kev "Slimber"
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  403. pep. serverless messaging could very well use XTLS and even if XTLS itself still allows MITM, that could be initiated via a secure channel (normal XMPP connections)
  404. pep. Or E2EE indeed
  405. Zash Like why hasn't anyone just taken Tor and hooked it into a serverless-messaging thing?
  406. pep. who knows
  407. Zash Extra secure E2EE!!! P2P! All the buzzwords!
  408. pep. Maybe it's just another case of bad marketting
  409. Zash But no, everyone's just reinventing the full stack from scratch.
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