jdev - 2020-04-09

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  232. Guus I've reworked Openfire pubsub code. Can anyone suggest some ways to do some quick functional tests?
  233. Guus I've ran the Smack Integration Tests, which seem to be fine - but those don't go into much detail. I'd like to run some additional tests, preferably not ones created by me.
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  239. jonas’ aioxmpp has some PEP related tests for sure, and very bare PubSub tests
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  242. Guus jonas’ cool - how do I run them?
  243. jonas’ Guus, git clone https://github.com/horazont/aioxmpp, you may be able to get some inspiration from https://github.com/horazont/aioxmpp/blob/devel/utils/travis-e2etest-ejabberd.py
  244. jonas’ if you adapt the scripts and configs in that repository to work with openfire, that’d be amazing
  245. Guus My understanding of the python language is that 'hssssssss' means that you should step away.
  246. jonas’ that py file I linked you is more of a glorified shell script really. I can’t guide you at this moment, I’m supposed to be in a meeting in four minutes
  247. Guus kk, tx
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  253. Guus There must be a better way to figure out what modules are needed other than to try and run it, see an error, and install that?
  254. Guus ah: https://docs.zombofant.net/aioxmpp/devel/user-guide/installation.html
  255. Guus I was looking under 'developer guide' 🙂
  256. Guus hmm, still missing modules
  257. Guus ohh, pip3 install -e .
  258. Guus look ma, I can do python
  259. Zash Look ma, no jvm!
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  262. Guus heheeh
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  264. Guus hmm, it doesn't like Openfire's self-signed certs, even when setting the no_verify option
  265. Zash openssl no_verify?
  266. Guus ah, it helps if you don't have a typo in "no_verify" (jonas: there's a typo in the documentation as well as in the ejabberd config file)
  267. Zash Guus, ever tried running scansion against Openfire?
  268. Guus no. I'd like to.
  269. Guus Ran 4503 tests in 76.160s FAILED (SKIP=4, errors=19, failures=5)
  270. Guus That's an impressive amount of tests.
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  272. Guus Loooots of output - might need some help interpreting
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  274. jonas’ Guus, note that most of these are not end-to-end
  275. jonas’ before you go further, what’s the output of python3 --version?
  276. Guus Python 3.6.9
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  278. Guus We're disabling SASL anon by default. Can you share the configuration for a simple username/password auth?
  279. jonas’ Guus, unfortunately, not
  280. jonas’ it needs multiple connections usually
  281. jonas’ (with different accounts)
  282. Guus hmm, that makes it harder to put in our CI
  283. jonas’ I’m not sure if I ever developed the "pre-provisioned account" mode
  284. jonas’ I planned for it, but I think I simply never needed it
  285. Zash Implement (in OF) a mode that simply accepts any username+password?
  286. jonas’ then you still need (in aioxmpp) a mode which uses random username/password
  287. Guus It's all doable, but not today 🙂
  288. jonas’ same here :)
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  290. jonas’ but I’d love to test against OF in the CI -- but I never got around to set it up
  291. Guus jonas’ : https://github.com/igniterealtime/Openfire/blob/master/runIntegrationTests
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  293. Guus that's what we use for Smack's integration tests
  294. Guus probably more elaborate than what it needs to be
  295. Guus but it launches an openfire instance, and runs the tests
  296. Guus (Smack's implementation require an account that's allowed to create other accounts)
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  298. Guus apart from needing to enable SASL anonymous, it worked pretty much out of the box
  299. Guus [global] provisioner=aioxmpp.e2etest.provision.AnonymousProvisioner [aioxmpp.e2etest.provision.AnonymousProvisioner] domain=cluster.goodbytes.im host=cluster-a.goodbytes.im no_verify=true
  300. Guus (note that at some point, that domain goes away - I'm using it for testing only)
  301. Guus Zash, how do I run scansion?
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  303. Guus heck, how do I _find_ it. Googling for prosody scansion gives me linguistic results. 🙂
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  305. Zash https://matthewwild.co.uk/projects/scansion/
  306. Guus is there a repo of scripts?
  307. Zash There's a bunch in the Prosody repo: https://hg.prosody.im/trunk/file/tip/spec/scansion
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  311. Zash Those are written expecting that arbitrary username/passwords are accepted
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  313. Guus Doesn't seem to like my self-signed cert either
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  315. Zash Pretty sure we run our CI with TLS disabled
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  317. Zash Prosody config is in the same directory
  318. Guus hmm... doesn't help
  319. Guus does it do DNS SRV lookups?
  320. Guus the domain in the JID does not resolve with an A record.
  321. Zash Probably
  322. Guus https://igniterealtime.org:443/httpfileupload/94c20187-8fa0-4f98-9d0f-0a1869538173/image.png
  323. Guus Unsure what to make of that
  324. Guus jonas’ I'd be greatful if you can help me interpret the gazillion lines of logs generated by your tests.
  325. Zash screenshot of text :|
  326. Zash Guus: I think you need to trick docker into letting it have access to where your xmpp server is running
  327. Guus screenshot of text to preserve format - didn't assume anyone wanted to copy stuff from this 🙂
  328. Guus ah, it does not have access by default?
  329. Zash "connection refused" is the relevant thing I assume
  330. Guus my docker is as good as my python
  331. Guus sure
  332. Guus but ... why 🙂
  333. Zash Try `--network host` maybe?
  334. Martin Wher is specified how a message should look like when sending the link to a http-uploaded file OOB? Or how is it done that clients show the file instead of the link?
  335. Martin Where is specified how a message should look like when sending the link to a http-uploaded file OOB? Or how is it done that clients show the file instead of the link?
  336. Zash Docker is so last years, now it's Kubernetes all the things!
  337. flow Martin, I think this is implementation dependend
  338. Zash Martin, source code of Conversations probably
  339. Martin Yeah, code == specification? ;-(
  340. Zash In theory you just follow XEP-0066
  341. Zash In practice I think you must have the URL both in that and in <body>, and nothing else
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  344. Martin Thanks, will figure out.
  345. Zash I'm kinda sad that you can't include a description, which is supported by OOB.
  346. Zash Did anyone get anywhere with XEP-0385 yet?
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  353. rion Psi supports 385
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  355. rion But currently implementation is incomplete. Works for images and audio messages only. And has some bugs.
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  365. Martin > In practice I think you must have the URL both in that and in <body>, and nothing else Ok, that worked. Thanks. 😃
  366. Martin > I'm kinda sad that you can't include a description, which is supported by OOB. That would be really nice.
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  371. jonas’ Guus, send them to me via email or something
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  394. Martin Is it safe to assume that the max file size is always in the value of the second field of the second x in the reply to disco#info?
  395. Martin For the http upload service
  396. flow Martin, that sounds wrong
  397. flow Martin, why not use the field's name?
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  399. flow and why *second* <x/>?
  400. Zash wat
  401. Martin Worked here for dismail (ejabberd) and my own server (prosody). Dunno how to access by name without cycling through all.
  402. flow Martin, that is very fragile
  403. flow so it is *definetly* not safe and unsound
  404. pep. Zash, movim also has 385 support
  405. Martin Ok, then I'd better go through all and check the names.
  406. Zash Martin, what language and xml library are you using?
  407. flow and trick question by Zash ;)
  408. flow aah, trick question by Zash ;)
  409. Zash pep., /react nice
  410. Martin DISCLAIMER: I am no dev so probably I am holding it wrong anyway.
  411. Martin I am using go and github.com/mattn/go-xmpp
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  414. flow Martin, no worries. but you definetly should not settle for quick hacks, especially if they fragile
  415. Martin I did create a struct with the structure of the xml and then xml.Unmarshal the IQ reply into it.
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  417. flow that alone sounds worrysome. due to the extensible nature of XMPP the returned XML may not match your struct
  418. pep. Martin, you can easily become a developer if you go into your Android settings and tap on "Build number" multiple times. Then it will say "You are now a developer!"
  419. flow that alone sounds worrisome. due to the extensible nature of XMPP the returned XML may not match your struct
  420. pep. It's that easy
  421. Martin Looking at the output it seems the max-file-size is in the value of the second field on the first and second x. But if this is not standardized I will check for the "max-file-size" in var while cycling through all.
  422. flow Martin, it *is* standardized
  423. pep. You need to own a device with android, it's the only requirement for being a developer
  424. Martin pep.: Did that several times already on all of my phones. Thanks, no I can not hide behind "I'm no dev" anymore. :(
  425. flow Martin, it is the value of the max-size-field of the extended disco info form with the type urn:xmpp:http:upload:0
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  428. Martin Ok. So it is important to check the field name. That's what I wanted to know. Thanks. :)
  429. flow Martin, not only the field name, you also have to check that you are looking at the right form
  430. Martin About the issue that the struct might not matching if/when something there get's extended I don't know what to do, as somehow I must get the date of that byte array into something I can process.
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  433. Martin flow: Meh, why everything must be complicated…
  434. flow I don't think it is complicated, nor that there is a much simpler alternative
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  436. flow you could extra the value with a pull parser
  437. flow or mayben even an xpath expression
  438. Martin Hmm, that would be two new things to read up. ^^
  439. flow always a good idea to learn new things :)
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  441. Martin It's always exponential growth, I want to do one thing than I need look up three things for that. Number 1 requires me to look up 4 other things, number two requires me to look up 2 new things and numer 3 requires me to look up 3 new things. And every level 2 new thing requires me to look up n level 3 new things. It's never ending. I, as an engineer, don't understand how you devs ever finished your studies because everything is a hydra. ^^
  442. flow the secret is: we are always studying and shaving yaks
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  445. Martin You never shave Ge0rg, his avatar is as hairy as always!
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  458. Martin So, you think this is sufficient for determining the max-file-size or is it still fragile? https://salsa.debian.org/mdosch-guest/go-sendxmpp/-/commit/9702df6c84a189fbf881c29c9ba07d3e77ae84c8
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  460. flow Martin, it is far better, but AFAIKT you do not check if you look at the right form
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  462. Martin What to check for? I don't see anything interesting for FORM:
  463. Martin <iq id='1eda7aa0-fd912ef9-30805dc5' type='result' to='go-sendxmpp@mdosch.de/go-sendxmpp' from='files.mdosch.de'> <query xmlns='http://jabber.org/protocol/disco#info'> <identity type='file' name='HTTP File Upload' category='store'/> <feature var='http://jabber.org/protocol/disco#info'/> <feature var='http://jabber.org/protocol/disco#items'/> <feature var='urn:xmpp:http:upload:0'/> <feature var='urn:xmpp:http:upload'/> <x type='result' xmlns='jabber:x:data'> <field type='hidden' var='FORM_TYPE'> <value>urn:xmpp:http:upload:0</value></field> <field type='text-single' var='max-file-size'> <value>104857600</value></field> </x> <x type='result' xmlns='jabber:x:data'> <field type='hidden' var='FORM_TYPE'> <value>urn:xmpp:http:upload</value></field> <field type='text-single' var='max-file-size'> <value>104857600</value></field> </x>
  464. Martin Or do you mean to check which is the http upload component? That's done there: https://salsa.debian.org/mdosch-guest/go-sendxmpp/-/blob/http_upload/httpupload.go#L141
  465. pep. Martin, I think he meant checking FORM_TYPE?
  466. Martin Ok, what is that good for? No need feed me with a golden spoon just direct me at the right xep. But all I see is `<field type='hidden' var='FORM_TYPE'>` which seems quite uninteresting for me.
  467. pep. Martin, the value of that field is what indicates what type of field it is
  468. pep. Which fields you may find in it
  469. Martin Ah, so I need to check for `urn:xmpp:http:upload:0`. Ok thx.
  470. pep. yeah
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  473. Martin Ok, am checking for this as well now.
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  476. Martin Thanks all for the useful feedback. 😃 If you feel bored someday you can go through the rest, tell me what I'm doing wrong there. 😂
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  488. lovetox what priority do i have to set if i dont want to use priority
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  490. flow lovetox, define "do not want to use priority"
  491. lovetox i just read i can just leave it out of the presence
  492. lovetox then server assumes 0
  493. flow that's right
  494. lovetox does it do anything if i include priority in a presence to a MUC?
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  496. flow that's a good question. I think the priority in directed presence stanzas it not used anywhere
  497. flow but I could be wrong. A server dev could may say more about this
  498. flow but then again, *why* do you want to include a priority value in a directed presence?
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  502. lovetox i dont want to, and i dont do it
  503. lovetox but i have no rational for it
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