jdev - 2020-04-11

  1. Guus

    lovetox would you please add the request that you used to trigger the MAM bug you just reported in the ticket?

  2. lovetox

    yes np

  3. Guus

    tx! Looking at it right now

  4. lovetox

    Guus maybe you cant reproduce because you didnt include a rsm element

  5. Guus

    that might be it. I did get one in the resulting 'fin'

  6. Guus

    I'll have a look. Thanks for the report.

  7. lovetox

    hm i see at least one thing that can be improved on Gajim side, i only include the date filter on the first query

  8. Guus

    lovetox this might be caused by the query returning data that was stored prior to Openfire supporting MAM:2

  9. lovetox

    Guus i adjusted Gajim so it always includes the date filter in every page request

  10. lovetox

    the problem is still there

  11. lovetox

    so the server definitly does not look in the database for messages older than a day

  12. lovetox

    or he wouldnt need to from my query

  13. lovetox

    not sure what it really does

  14. Guus

    I'm thinking it doesn't include a first or last element if the corresponding message does not have a stable id

  15. Guus

    lovetox would you mind retrying on ignite?

  16. Guus

    I've rolled out a build that contains a fix

  17. Guus

    A snapshot release for the plugin will appear momentarily on https://www.igniterealtime.org/projects/openfire/plugin-archive.jsp?plugin=monitoring

  18. Guus

    this includes the fix, which you can use to test on other domains.

  19. lovetox

    Guus, looks good now

  20. Guus

    lovetox: cool, tx

  21. Guus

    This might fix quite a bit of oddities around archive interaction in older MUCs.

  22. Zash

    Does anyone happen to feel like writing a kind of echo bot that tries to answer in the users language? Ie, reply "Hello" translated based on stanza @xml:lang

  23. jonas’

    and make it finish with "Das war: $Language"

  24. Martin

    Sendung mit der Maus?

  25. pep.

    Or "Hello in English!" "Bonjour en français !"

  26. Zash

    Something to test how well xml:lang gets across the network.

  27. jonas’

    Martin, YES!

  28. Martin

    As I see different clients using different styles of IDs for messages I assume there is no definition how they should look like. Is this right?

  29. jonas’

    Martin, correct

  30. Martin


  31. lovetox

    hm anybody an idea why ejabberd would remove my delay element which i added to a stanza

  32. lovetox

    <delay xmlns="urn:xmpp:delay" stamp="2020-04-11T16:03:18Z" from="lovetox@temptatio.dev/gajim.09IQM0NS" />

  33. lovetox

    Holger ^

  34. Holger

    lovetox: No, and I can't reproduce it.

  35. Holger

    lovetox: If you can maybe we should continue in the ejabberd room?

  36. Holger

    (Protocol-wise, the only reason to strip a delay tag I see would be you setting an incorrect `from` address.)

  37. Zash

    Or a `from` of the server itself.

  38. Zash

    Or basically anything that's not your own full JID

  39. lovetox

    yeah, but we know no server validates delay tags

  40. lovetox

    so even then ..

  41. lovetox

    i think i have an idea

  42. lovetox

    hm i think thats a bug on my side

  43. lovetox


  44. flow

    I hear such things happen :)

  45. lovetox

    i wonder how do people implement the resend of stanzas after resumption

  46. lovetox

    currently i pass the stanza to the socket to send, but keep it around, add the delay element, and put it into a queue

  47. lovetox

    but this poses the danger that i accidently for some reason have a reference somewhere else to that stanza and modify it after sending

  48. lovetox

    and on resend i send something different then

  49. lovetox

    now i could create a copy of the stanza before i queue it, but i wonder if its worth the overhead

  50. Zash

    I think the 198 implementation for Prosody also copies. Or it should. But that costs memory allocations.

  51. lovetox

    the problem is i dont think my node structs are easily copyable

  52. lovetox

    if i do it now, i would convert it to a string, and reparse it into a new node

  53. Zash

    true immutable data structures would have been nice

  54. lovetox

    which is damn awful

  55. Zash

    costs memory tho