jdev - 2020-04-12

  1. jonas’

    lovetox, in aioxmpp, we state clearly that you mustn’t mess with stanza objects after sending. terrible things will happen if you do.

  2. jonas’

    no wait

  3. jonas’

    the other way round

  4. jonas’

    but I didn’t realize that this was a possible issue for SM s ofar

  5. jonas’

    do I care though?

  6. jonas’

    I don’t think it’s a problem

  7. Ge0rG

    I had a very nasty situation with Smack where I re-used the same presence stanza for sending presence updates to all joined MUCs. It didn't end well.

  8. flow

    immutability ftw

  9. Holger

    Just switch to Erlang.

  10. jonas’

    or haskell

  11. moparisthebest

    Or Rust

  12. pulkomandy

    Or c++ with lots of "const" everywhere 😅

  13. pep.

    immutability ftw

  14. Zash

    Yeah, immutabilily is the gre+++OOM killed

  15. pep.

    I'd happily crush memory usage for maintainability

  16. Zash

    Tell Ge0rG that

  17. Zash

    Keeping a ton of subtly different clones around for 198, csi, etc is probably not optimal

  18. pep.

    You can have your API immutable using interior mutability, smartly reusing memory. I'm fine as long as I'm on the immutable side of it :P

  19. pulkomandy

    Reference counting and copy-on-write ftw