jdev - 2020-04-22

  1. jonas’

    flow, I think one of the IDNA versions is also pinned to unicode 3.2

  2. flow

    jonas’, IDNA2003, but IDNA2008 is IIRC not pinned to any particular unicode version

  3. edhelas

    hi everyone :)

  4. jonas’

    good morning

  5. edhelas


  6. jonas’


  7. edhelas

    with STUN/TURN work in ejabberd, A/V support coming in Conversations and new features in Movim looks like we'll finally have some good video-call features in XMPP

  8. edhelas

    there's some work done in Gajim as well

  9. jonas’

    looking forward to it

  10. jonas’

    then all we need is a working iOS client