jdev - 2020-04-24

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  29. Link Mauve Not really no.
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  115. Zash XEP-0215 client implementers, do you implemente the <credentials/> thing at all?
  116. Martin Forwarded to conversations muc.
  117. Zash thx
  118. Martin Zash: > i don’t use credentials From Daniel
  119. Zash Mhm
  120. Holger Philipp tried to explain on the list but I still don't get the point of the seperate `<credentials/>` request.
  121. Zash Imagine handing out a HTTP Upload slot in every disco#info. That's what it does.
  122. Holger Dunno the XEP is a super-trivial request-response thing plus two different syntaxes to allow the client to filter the response list; neither of which allow the client to query just the single service it wants.
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  126. Zash I don't see a generic implementation of 215 working this way.
  127. Holger At the same time a single tag (`<services/>`) has different syntax depending on whether it's used in the request or the response so you can't properly schema-validate it.
  128. Holger Zash, generic implementation of 215 working what way?
  129. Zash Holger: More like how mod_disco in prosody works, with other modules adding 'items' (features, identities, stuff) and then mod_disco composes replies from that.
  130. Holger Ah, right.
  131. Zash Gets awkward if those items are supposed to be dynamic.
  132. Holger Ah there's also the push support of course.
  133. Zash The <credentials/> lets you limit your dynamicness
  134. Zash The <credentials/> query lets you limit your dynamicness
  135. Zash And if it's something where it's expensive to produce those crendentials you don't wanna do that a lot just becasue the client wants to know what's available.
  136. Holger Heh, ok.
  137. Holger I implemented the `<credentials/>` thing anyway, glad to hear a reasoning why that might make sense 🙂
  138. pep. "Holger> At the same time a single tag (`<services/>`) has different syntax depending on whether it's used in the request or the response so you can't properly schema-validate it." not in the xml schema for sure (and I also find this meh) but you can have a In/Out Receiver/Sender foo/bar structure in the code for sure
  139. Zash Or we might as well rename 215 "TURN/STUN query protocol" and drop the genericness
  140. Holger pep., yeah. My XMPP library doesn't.
  141. pep. "Holger> At the same time a single tag (`<services/>`) has different syntax depending on whether it's used in the request or the response so you can't properly schema-validate it." not in the xml schema (and I also find this meh) but you can have a In/Out Receiver/Sender foo/bar structure in the code for sure
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  143. Holger My library mostly just does (de)serialization based on XML-schema-like schemas. I can't tell it about in/out.
  144. Holger Zash, I think 0215 originally was STUN/TURN-specific and then switched to genericness.
  145. Zash Aha https://xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0215.xml#revision-history-v0.2
  146. pep. I would love for mine to do that but unfortunately it's not possible as schemas are (first not normative ?!?! but also) not always how you'd like to structure data :/
  147. pep. I think there's the same issue for <bind/>
  148. pep. and maybe others
  149. Holger Well it's just schema-like-schema 🙂 We invented our own thing to describe XMPP syntax.
  150. Zash Well then why is http upload its own completely separate thing?
  151. Holger But issues such as the `<services/>` thing are the same for us as for standard XML schema.
  152. Zash One of these days I might have to invent one of those too
  153. Zash Schema / data mapping thingymajigger
  154. Holger I now gotta check syntax within the query handling code rather than in the deserialization layer.
  155. Zash Separation of syntax and semantics checking might be sensible tho?
  156. Holger > Well then why is http upload its own completely separate thing? Good question.
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  158. pep. Holger, re bind: BindQuery: https://gitlab.com/xmpp-rs/xmpp-rs/-/blob/master/xmpp-parsers/src/bind.rs#L15 BindResponse: https://gitlab.com/xmpp-rs/xmpp-rs/-/blob/master/xmpp-parsers/src/bind.rs#L73
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