jdev - 2020-04-26

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  161. pep.

    jonas’, out of curiosity (re xsf@), is it possible to do IBR with aioxmpp and go on with bind afterwards?

  162. jonas’

    pep., you’d have to SASL first

  163. moparisthebest has left

  164. jonas’

    it is, but you’ll re-implementing much of what aioxmpp.Client does

  165. moparisthebest has joined

  166. jonas’

    I mean, it’s all in some functions which are called by aioxmpp.Client in the end. However, that class ties it all together with auto-resumption and stuff

  167. jonas’

    throwing the connection away and reconnecting is saner

  168. pep.


  169. jonas’

    that said, you *can* do it, and it may make sense for some one-shot use-cases (IBR testing?) but other than that, I’d not recommend it

  170. pep.

    not recommend doing IBR and reusing the stream? Or not recommend doing this with aioxmpp?

  171. jonas’

    the latter

  172. pep.


  173. jonas’

    if you can get a library to take IBR as a pre-auth, post-TLS stream negotiation step, why not.

  174. jonas’

    but the order of client stream negotiation steps is pretty hardcoded in aioxmpp at this point

  175. pep.

    I see

  176. jonas’

    I had it differently in the past, but that only led to pain and sorrow

  177. jonas’

    (and I see that pain and sorrow repeated in mellium.im/xmpp

  178. pep.

    I was just curious, I doubt many libraries allow this easily anyway

  179. jonas’

    (and I see that pain and sorrow repeated in mellium.im/xmpp)

  180. jonas’

    (which, for the record, would support your usecase I think)

  181. pep.

    I could do it in slixmpp with the extra glue but it's all borked..

  182. pep.

    See the now almost two years MR waiting..

  183. lovetox

    pep. but why do you need this?

  184. pep.

    Just curious

  185. pep.

    I don't "need it"

  186. pep.

    If I can reuse the stream, why not.

  187. lovetox

    i also thought about reusing the stream and then decided its not worht it

  188. lovetox

    the 2 seconds to reconnect dont hurt, users dont register accounts daily

  189. jonas’

    don’t look at that thing which is registering and deleting an account every 240s

  190. lovetox

    also from the XEP i think it is not a MUST work with all servers

  191. lovetox

    so i thought i dont want to run into weird errors and then have to handle also these

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