jdev - 2020-05-04

  1. larma

    Yagizа, if you want to be able to display session initiated vs session acknowledged then you probably need it

  2. larma

    but I think you are missing some ` SIGNAL_UNREF(sessionState);` 😉

  3. Yagizа

    larma, ok, thanx.

  4. Yagizа

    larma, one I added SIGNAL_UNREF(sessionState), app crashed.

  5. Yagizа

    larma, that's because session_state is just a field of a sesion_record.

  6. larma

    Yagizа, right, ignore what I said, was late at night 🙂

  7. lovetox

    is there a pdf tool on linux like acrobat ?

  8. lovetox

    where i can delete pages out of a pdf and such stuff

  9. lovetox

    a GUI one if possible

  10. jonas’

    if you don’t insist on a GUI, pdftk can do a lot of things

  11. jonas’

    pdfunite is much simpler, may do the trick for simply deleting pages

  12. lovetox


  13. Martin

    Masterpdf is often praised, but afaik closed source

  14. lovetox

    hm it seem libre draw can do that also

  15. lovetox

    used that one :)

  16. lovetox

    Masterpdf costs 80 euro

  17. lovetox

    compared to acrobat a bargain :d

  18. wurstsalat

    lovetox: pdfsam also offers split/merge/extract (don't know about delete)

  19. jonas’

    delete is just a special case of split and merge :)

  20. wurstsalat