jdev - 2020-05-05

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  54. Yagizа larma, everything's working so far. But I have further questions.
  55. Yagizа larma, are there any suggestions about trust management? I don't really understand how to implement it within OMEMO, if Signal Protocol trust management mechanism is not recommended.
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  58. Yagizа larma, what about "kex" atribute of "key" element? Now I just treat it as a replacement for "prekey" attribute in old versions of OMEMO. Is that correct?
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  69. larma Yagizа: Yes kex is what prekey was before. For trust management, you should probably realize an implementation of BTBV https://gultsch.de/trust.html
  70. jonas’ BTBV, the UX nightmare
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  75. larma jonas’: why?
  76. jonas’ larma, "hey scan my QR code, that’s going to be faster than typing a JID" -- and now you have to verify all future keys of that contact
  77. jonas’ this is a hyperbolic example of the (for the user) non-obvious implications in BTBV
  78. larma Well... that's just an issue of Conversations
  79. larma It's not an inherent issue of BTBV
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  82. larma The verification step should always be visible to the user and also users should be able to reenable blind trust if it wasn't their intent to disable it when verifying a device
  83. larma Just look at how Dino did it ;)
  84. flow isn't that just the good old question of where the sweet spot between security and UX is?
  85. jonas’ yes
  86. jonas’ it is
  87. jonas’ though the BT in BTBV is also a security nightmare :)
  88. Yagizа larma, ok, thanx.
  89. flow and the answer is probably: it depends on what you want, there is not that one single sweet spot
  90. jonas’ BTBV is IMO an attempt to have the cake and eat it, which doesn’t quite work
  91. larma UX secret: don't pop up with a new window to verify fingerprint when sending a message and then automatically close it when blind trust is enabled.
  92. jonas’ UX secret: don’t pop up a window
  93. jonas’ UX secret: don’t pop up a window (unless in response to an action of the user)
  94. larma jonas’: but the user pressed send :D
  95. Ge0rG Chromium always pops up the "do you want to sign in" popup when I open a random twitter link. I *HATE* it
  96. jonas’ yeah, that was a stab at pidgin which’ll spam me with fun popup windows on some kind of spam
  97. Yagizа larma, BTW, what about fingerprints? Do I have to change something in fingerprint generation algorithm? Or should I use the same, used with old version?
  98. larma Yagizа: you just have to make sure you are generating the fingerprint from the curve25519 and not the ed25519 key
  99. Yagizа larma, and how can I get that curve25519 key?
  100. Yagizа larma, ratchet_identity_key_pair_get_public() will return ed25519 key when v4 is used, right?
  101. larma All `ec_public_key` are now both ed25519 and curve25519 public keys
  102. larma If you used `ec_public_key_serialize()` before to generate the fingerprint (by removing its first byte) it should still work
  103. larma You can also directly get it using `ec_public_key_get_mont()`
  104. larma Yagizа: Also note that in the bundle that is stored on pep, you should now use the ed25519 key (which you get by `ec_public_key_get_ed`)
  105. larma Yagizа: Also note that in the bundle that is stored on pep, you should now use the ed25519 key in <ik> (which you get by `ec_public_key_get_ed`)
  106. Yagizа larma, ok, thank you!
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  110. Yagizа larma, so, I should use ec_public_key_serialize() for fingerprint generation and ec_public_key_get_ed for getting data to publish in bundles?
  111. larma You can also use `get_mont` for fingerprints, it's the same as `serialize` just without the leading byte
  112. larma But yes, `get_ed` for bundles
  113. Yagizа larma, IC. So, I don't need ec_public_key_serialize() at all?
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  118. Yagizа larma, and... how can I use IdentityKey, which I extract from bundles information? Now I just store it in local variable, but I don't see any use for it.
  119. Yagizа larma, should I somehow process it?
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  139. larma Yagizа: Well you probably want to give the user the option to trust a key even before opening a session with it.
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  151. Yagizа larma, IC. So, how can I get fingerprint from the ed25519 key, extracted from bundle data, received over XMPP?
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  155. larma Yagizа, you can use `curve_decode_point` on the key from the bundle to get an `ec_public_key`
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  162. Yagizа larma, ok, thanx!
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