jdev - 2020-05-06

  1. rion

    Does anyone know what's the requirements to make an audio call to Conversations 2.7.1? I just tried to call from Psi but got <not-acceptable/>

  2. jonas’

    rion, might be more effective to ask in the conversations room, daniel doesn’t hang out here

  3. Zash

    I imagine the first requirement is to upgrade to 2.8.x, since that's when the VoIP parts were added

  4. Link Mauve

    This might be relevant to some of you, using AVX-512 to make base64 decoding or encoding as fast as a memcpy(): https://arxiv.org/pdf/1910.05109.pdf

  5. Zash


  6. Zash

    And then benchmark to find out how much overhead it is to move strings trough the Lua API

  7. Link Mauve

    Isn’t it a simple interned pointer?

  8. Link Mauve

    Which kind of hashing are you using?

  9. COM8

    Is there a suggested way, how to handle MUC messages without an id? Should I keep them, drop them, ... In my case since I can not identify them I always add them as a new message.