jdev - 2020-05-21

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  31. daidoji Hello. 100% new here. Where to start? I'm a bit overwhelmed. I haven't even been able to communicate on a few MUC's online after registering an account with a provider (jabb.im) and connecting. I can just see join/leave messages. This webchat is nice though. I'd like to develop software using XMPP.
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  33. Yagizа daidoji, start thinking of what kind of software do you want to develop?
  34. daidoji That part is pretty clear in my mind. Communication software (muc chat app) but with a different model of group/user administration within the group maybe with web assets that connect in. Would like to use ejabberd and modify that to provide the MUC support and then build in the other features on top of those modifications.
  35. daidoji What's not really clear is how best to achieve that. I admit I've been having trouble connecting to the ejabberd muc at process-one so I've been wondering around. This is the first webchat I've been able to find.
  36. daidoji when I registered an account with jabb.im and then tried to connect using pidgin and mcabber and tried to access ejabberd muc and mcabber muc. All I could see where join/leave messages but didn't seem like I could chat like we are now.
  37. daidoji so I'm literally at square one 😃
  38. Yagizа Sounds somewhat strange.
  39. daidoji Essentially my variation of a chat app
  40. daidoji but I feel like the first step is the ability to connect to a public muc using an XMPP account that I registered and communicate with people there
  41. daidoji and that step has so far eluded me
  42. daidoji oh wait, when I use the account mentioned and attempt to connect to ejabberd@conference.process-one.net above I get this error in converse.js "daidoji has entered and left the groupchat. "It is not allowed to send error messages to the room. The participant (daidoji) has sent an error message (service-unavailable) and got kicked from the room""
  43. daidoji what does that mean?
  44. daidoji could that mean that something is messed up with jabb.im provider?
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  46. lovetox what webchat do you use?
  47. lovetox try https://conversejs.org/fullscreen.html
  48. lovetox should work fine
  49. daidoji yeah this seems like its working. I think it might be jabb.im. When I chat anonymously here everything seems to be working
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  88. Cyril Hello there, I am new to xmpp, considering to use it to expose an API
  89. Cyril If I use dataforms as a way to interact with the exposed app, a bit like REST APIs, would user be able to test it with standard desktop clients?
  90. Cyril Like the client displaying a form the user will be able to fill
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  92. Link Mauve Cyril, yes, have a look at Ad-Hoc Commands (XEP-0050) for that.
  93. Link Mauve Not all clients implement it, check whether the ones your users will use do support it before starting to implement it.
  94. Cyril ok, thanks!
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  174. lovetox need a anonymous login server
  175. lovetox anyone has one at hand?
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  178. Link Mauve lovetox, anon.jabberfr.org?
  179. lovetox ah thanks
  180. Link Mauve s2s is limited to a whitelist, we can add another server if you want.
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  193. lovetox no thanks
  194. lovetox so what does make no sense in anon mode
  195. lovetox my idea, everything related to PEP
  196. lovetox also private:storage
  197. lovetox on reconnect this would all be gone
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  201. pulkomandy Well I can imagine a server providing preset (probably read-only) bookmarks to anonymous users?
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  218. lovetox hm true
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