jdev - 2020-05-22

  1. jonas’

    I’d say let the server figure that out for you

  2. lovetox

    hm about idle time

  3. lovetox

    right now gajim discloses this only if the user did not set show away or xa by himself

  4. lovetox

    so if you have no show, and you have no action for say 60 seconds

  5. lovetox

    gajim publishes your idle time

  6. lovetox

    if Gajim changes your show after some time to away automatically

  7. lovetox

    it still discloses your idle time

  8. lovetox

    but if a user sets his show himself, Gajim does never send the idle time afterwards

  9. lovetox

    does this make sense?

  10. lovetox

    when i did that i thought something like, if i set my client away by myself, i want people to know that im away

  11. lovetox

    but the idle time would disclose that im not really away from my PC, and only set that state