jdev - 2020-05-27

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  237. lovetox jonas’, extend away should actualy be called busy
  238. lovetox then it would make more sense
  239. lovetox meaning im in a call or a meeting, im at my pc but im busy
  240. lovetox still receiving notifications and message and may answer if someone writes me
  241. lovetox compared to dnd, where im maybe holding a presentation, will not get notifications and will definitly not answer
  242. lovetox and away is just away from the pc, and the reason should be mentions in the status message
  243. lovetox actually thats what skype does, maybe im biased because i have to use it at work, but these states always made sense for me
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  245. lovetox compared to extended away, what does that even mean, im a little more away from my pc then with only away
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  281. jonas’ what’s the difference between busy and dnd?
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  284. theTedd from RFC 6121; Show Element: away -- The entity or resource is temporarily away. chat -- The entity or resource is actively interested in chatting. dnd -- The entity or resource is busy (dnd = "Do Not Disturb"). xa -- The entity or resource is away for an extended period (xa = "eXtended Away").
  285. theTedd busy = dnd
  286. theTedd idle = away
  287. theTedd 'really away' = xa
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  289. jonas’ theTedd, that was in reply to lovetox’: > 18:39:58 lovetox> meaning im in a call or a meeting, im at my pc but im busy […] 18:40:38 lovetox> compared to dnd, where im maybe holding a presentation, will not get notifications and will definitly not answer
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  292. jonas’ theTedd, that was in reply to lovetox’: > 18:39:58 lovetox> meaning im in a call or a meeting, im at my pc but im busy > […] > 18:40:38 lovetox> compared to dnd, where im maybe holding a presentation, will not get notifications and will definitly not answer
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  294. jonas’ also, theTedd, thanks.
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  298. lovetox i thought i made the difference clear
  299. theTedd from around the 2000s, msn/live messenger had several extra 'away' states, which we could have argued fit into 'extended away' as lovetox suggests it, but the rfc says otherwise
  300. lovetox DND means, i will not get notified if you send me something, i will no know that you send me something, and i will not answer
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  302. jonas’ I’m not sure when I’d use "busy" instead of "dnd"
  303. jonas’ if I’m too busy to react, I don’t want notifications either. maybe that’s just me?
  304. lovetox if you are in a meeting but not presenting you use busy
  305. theTedd "I'm busy, but please distract me"
  306. lovetox that means if someone writes you he cannot expect that you write back, but he has a chance
  307. lovetox while with DND he has no chance
  308. lovetox you will not even see his messges
  309. jonas’ no, I’m either offline (if I don’t want to be distracted), dnd (if I have to have read access) or online (if I’m ok with replying)
  310. jonas’ no, I’m either offline (if I don’t want to be distracted), dnd (if I have to have controlled read access) or online (if I’m ok with replying)
  311. lovetox you cant be offline
  312. jonas’ lovetox, tell that to networkmanager
  313. lovetox if you are disconnected you can have a call
  314. lovetox if you are disconnected you cant have a call
  315. jonas’ aha
  316. jonas’ riiight
  317. lovetox as i said above, think about skype
  318. jonas’ now that makes a bit more sense now, I didn’t consider the chat being the thing where I’m busy in
  319. lovetox you are in a group call, for eample
  320. jonas’ I never really used skype
  321. jonas’ aynways, gotta run now
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  323. lovetox theTedd, i dont see the difference between idle and extended away
  324. lovetox idle means my computer is idle for a prolonged time
  325. lovetox means im not at the computer
  326. lovetox so away from the computer
  327. lovetox extended away is a matter of interpretation
  328. theTedd yes, it's "auto-away" probably temporary
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  330. lovetox for some people 20 minutes not on your job computer, is really long
  331. lovetox for me 5 hours is really short
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  333. theTedd extended away is either intentional "not here!" or auto away after a long period
  334. lovetox yeah ok, but state is something you want to tell to others, and if someone esle sees you are beeing "extended away"
  335. lovetox this means essentially nothing
  336. theTedd they don't, they only see 'away'
  337. lovetox becuase it could mean you come back in the next minute
  338. lovetox or in the next hour
  339. lovetox or in the next week
  340. theTedd you have the option to tell when you'll be back, otherwise there's no way to know anyway
  341. lovetox are you saying other clients should not show the a difference between xa and away?
  342. lovetox but thats what i mean, for other people xa or away makes no difference
  343. lovetox you are not here
  344. lovetox and they cannot know for how long, except you tell them
  345. theTedd away should be for a short time only - it should become xa after a (configurable) reasonable time
  346. lovetox ha you say that, and Gajim has exactly that code
  347. lovetox but im questioning if this is still useful
  348. lovetox because we have idle time
  349. lovetox people know how long im away
  350. lovetox they dont need the state for that
  351. theTedd if you enable that
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  355. lovetox of course, if not i wouldnt also enable xa after x minutes, because that would also reveal info
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  357. theTedd you can enable xa after n minutes without indicating n
  358. lovetox either way, i cant really change the meaning of extended away can i?
  359. lovetox it really says "away"
  360. theTedd it's in the the rfc, so you'll struggle
  361. lovetox i cant make it to "here but busy"
  362. lovetox all clients will interpret it wrong
  363. lovetox damn
  364. theTedd busy is usually assumed "I may not see your message, even though I am here (doing something)"
  365. lovetox so if you think about a client that can make phone calls
  366. lovetox would you switch to DND once the call starts?
  367. Zash Are you saying that "here but busy" is not dnd?
  368. lovetox its probably a bit too much
  369. theTedd show=dnd, status="in a call"
  370. theTedd Zash, lovetox would like two 'busy' states: busy but distractable, and very busy
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  373. theTedd from the client side that's easy, but it wouldn't indicate to a sender whether you will be notified (but you're busy either way)
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  377. Zash Hmmm
  378. Zash User Activity? Other PEP thing?
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