jdev - 2020-06-05

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  73. fls

    Hello guys, we are a team trying to develop a chat app like Whatsapp with XMPP, i have a simple question about push notifications; should we use FCM and APNS or we can have push notifications in our app without this two services? Thanks in advance.

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  75. MattJ

    fls: hi! Unfortunately you will generally struggle without them because the mobile OS will terminate your app when it is in the background, including any XMPP connection

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  77. MattJ

    There are a few hacky workarounds, but they aren't reliable and can break between different OS versions

  78. MattJ

    Apple and Google just want everyone to go through their services

  79. fls

    MattJ: thanks for your help friend.

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  109. defanor

    OOC, do community-maintained operating systems for mobile devices--such as LineageOS--behave the same wrt connections?

  110. MattJ

    I'd say generally yes, though they tend to be a bit more flexible

  111. MattJ

    The "feature" is built into Android, but different vendors apply different optimisations of their own on top of Android's which makes them worse

  112. MattJ

    See also https://dontkillmyapp.com/

  113. MattJ

    I don't know if Lineage do something on top of AOSP in this regard, but https://dontkillmyapp.com/google discusses the base Android behaviour

  114. defanor

    Thanks, reading.

  115. Zash

    The Android runtime on my Jolla seems to let Conversations stay connected just fine.

  116. Martin

    Maybe your server is more tolerant about ciphers.

  117. Martin

    But I saw some ssl error flashing for a fracture of a second when pulling repo headers with fdroid. I'll do the remaining updates till 3.3.x or whatever is the last one and see if it helps.

  118. Zash

    I meant the forced app killing in the name of battery savings.

  119. Martin

    Ah ok, I'm not yet at that point as I can't even log in. 😂

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  134. jonas’

    MattJ, FTR, I’m running OK with lineageos on my samsung and Conversations from F-Droid. No google push involved.

  135. jonas’

    but then again, I rarely use it

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