jdev - 2020-06-10

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  29. vasuta Hello
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  38. vasuta Hello world
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  58. Link Mauve “20:53:00 flow> we could add an optional feature to xep234 that allows multiple <file> elements in <description>”, IIRC it was the case before, and got replaced with multiple contents, not sure I remember why.
  59. Link Mauve “20:53:40 lovetox> there is no "end of file" signal in jingle”, IIRC this is one of the changes in my long overdue list of improvements to 0234.
  60. flow Link Mauve, I can find any traces of multiple <file/> elements being allowed in the history. But then again, I think the best/correct pattern would be for the sender to present the recipient a list of files via SIMS, and then let the recipient pull the ones he wants
  61. Link Mauve Probably yeah, or XEP-0329 or something similar.
  62. flow sure
  63. flow uh error in example in 329
  64. Link Mauve Where?
  65. flow Link Mauve, https://github.com/xsf/xeps/pull/960
  66. Link Mauve Thanks. :)
  67. Link Mauve flow, but hmm, shouldn’t @node be (correctly) reflected instead?
  68. Link Mauve XEP-0030 §3.2 “If the request included a 'node' attribute, the response MUST mirror the specified 'node' attribute to ensure coherence between the request and the response.”
  69. flow are those xep30 nodes?
  70. flow i.e. what would be returned if I disco#info them?
  71. Link Mauve Ah no, sorry.
  72. Link Mauve I confused it with XEP-0135.
  73. Link Mauve not awake enough yet.
  74. flow it is easy to confuse
  75. flow probably an argument to rename 'node' to 'path' in xep329
  76. flow and while it, considering switching to xep385
  77. Link Mauve I’m not aware of any implementation of either (nor XEP-0214).
  78. flow me neither
  79. Link Mauve During the last Operators Sprint I attempted to draft yet another one, better of course, for users to manage their 0363 files, but there were more considerations to be had than what I was ready to allocate.
  80. mathieui Link Mauve, re: operators sprint, did you get a reply from weblate?
  81. Link Mauve Nope. :(
  82. mathieui :/
  83. Link Mauve I guess we can just host it ourselves.
  84. Link Mauve Or use Khaganat’s or something.
  85. flow Link Mauve, care to update your PR comment?
  86. Link Mauve larma, how long did it take you to get accepted?
  87. Link Mauve On Weblate Hosted?
  88. Link Mauve flow, deleted even.
  89. flow thxs
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  97. pep. flow, what should we do re 157?
  98. pep. Wait until registry gets fixed(tm)?
  99. pep. We'd still need to update some other XEP to allow for the validation bits right?
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  101. flow I don't recall this requiring to update another XEP. It would be nice if the registry entry would be completely displayed in its html transformed version, but that is not strictly a prerequisite, as I'd argue only the raw xml entries are normative
  102. pep. Well judging from the list thread we can't ask for council to review the PR again right?
  103. pep. (baring a working registry that wouldn't have required council in the first place)
  104. flow well the discussion about the extensible nature of registry entries was certainly good
  105. pep. "what now"
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  108. flow why can't we ask council again?
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  110. flow (sorry, I only noticed that you wrote "can't" and not "can")
  111. flow I mean, we certainly can ask council again
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