jdev - 2020-06-14

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  180. lovetox can somebody clear up my confusion with 0260
  181. lovetox https://xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0260.html
  182. lovetox the dstaddr has to be calculated (sid, initiator, responder)
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  184. lovetox ok let me rephrase
  185. lovetox in 0260, dstaddr is only mentioned regarding proxys
  186. lovetox its clear how dst addr is calculated there
  187. lovetox but we have to calc dstaddr also for our direct candidates
  188. lovetox is it there always (sid, initiator, responder)
  189. lovetox even for my offered candidates if im responder?
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  192. lovetox rion, ^
  193. rion Session initiator and responder. Everything else doesn't matter
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  196. rion For a proxy rules are different yes. There it matters who offers the proxy
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  198. lovetox yeah k thanks i thought so, but its weirdly not mentioned explicitly, its implied with XEP-0065 only having this one way to calculate it
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  200. rion That was also my concern in some xep comments on wiki iiirc
  201. rion I even remember doing some PRs to the xep. But not sure if any related to this topic. In any case none was merged
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  203. lovetox rion, do you support multiple file transfer contents per session?
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  205. lovetox and what does psi when a user sends multiple files
  206. lovetox do you create one session per file, or one session and multiple contents
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  208. lovetox and can you give me a link to the wiki page
  209. lovetox https://wiki.xmpp.org/web/Tech_pages/Jingle
  210. lovetox i only found this, and there are no comments
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  212. rion > rion, do you support multiple file transfer contents per session? One session for in and out
  213. rion Unfortunately I haven't written any docs yet. I remind myself everytime to do this but still can find some spare time for this
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  221. rion In short Psi has 1) manager for every application type and every transport type (global instances. e.g. S5Bmanager) 2) specific classes to make instances for every application type and every transport type (e.g. S5BTransport) 3) sessioned managers - a single instances of managers per session. From one side this thing has session and global manager from another side multiple instances of applications of transports. I call these things pads (kind of a place we where application can access global manager. e.g. S5BSessionManagerPad) s5b stuff is not quite standard but I hope it's compatible. It has optimizations wrt trickle candidates. And Psi heavily uses them. Basically it never waits to send session or session answer. If something can be discovered and sent later it will be discovered and sent later. Besides it has priority optimizations. Like if it's possible some higher priority candidate can be discovered later, it will wait before sending candidate-error/use.
  222. rion Most clients have simpler implementation. And the XEP doesn't explicitly say what's the preferred way to implement it.
  223. rion anyway I look forward to implement webrtc datachannels. I believe it's the future which will eventually deprecate s5b
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  227. lovetox hm how would you trickle candidates? and why? in what circumstance would a higher priority candidate discovered later?
  228. lovetox higest priority candidates is your own ip
  229. lovetox i guess you always know your own ip way before any jingle session
  230. lovetox my opinion about jingle is, its very generic, that does not mean one has to implement every possible option that one could imagine
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  232. lovetox i say almost all circumstances, you give your own ip, and a proxy, if for what ever reason own ip does not work
  233. lovetox and thats about it, also 10 years of jingle FT told us there is no probably no client out there who implements more than, send one content with candidates, and thats about it
  234. lovetox and really FT should not need more than that
  235. lovetox also because probably nobody implements all what the spec could do theoretically, i think there are many wholes in the spec that just resulted from no implementation feedback
  236. lovetox probably because jingle allows many theoretically things, where no real use case is there for right now
  237. rion > i guess you always know your own ip way before any jingle session Think about upnp. If for some reason it's discovered later.
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  239. rion > that does not mean one has to implement every possible option That's the real problem. Because everyone has in mind their own way. and it's usually it's incompatible with ways of others
  240. rion Just because of this I don't like jingle.
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  242. rion I would better implemented sip
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  245. rion I recently implemented new ICE (RFC 8445) and I have to say it's way more clear than for example XEP-0166. Even so XEP-0166 has way more circumstances described. In other words less freedom - simpler/more reliable/more compatible implementation
  246. rion I recently implemented new ICE (RFC 8445) and I have to say it's way more clear than for example XEP-0166. Even so RFC 8445 has way more circumstances described. In other words less freedom - simpler/more reliable/more compatible implementation
  247. rion waqas: how alive Adium nowadays? I was gooing to remove it from Psi's clients detector.
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  258. waqas rion: Not very, AFAIK. There were some commits 7 months ago, but before that was 2017. I haven't found another client I felt like switching to yet.
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  261. rion waqas: pidgin?
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