jdev - 2020-06-16

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  85. DebXWoody Hi. If I get a <message/> and I will check what's the message. Should I check the <name> of the child or shall I check the ns of the child?
  86. Ge0rG an XML element is uniquely identified by the combination of namespace and tag name
  87. DebXWoody libstrophe provides two functions 'xmpp_stanza_get_child_by_ns' and 'xmpp_stanza_get_child_by_name'.
  88. DebXWoody Ge0rG, I see, thanks!
  89. MattJ Yes, any sensible API should let you combine both
  90. lovetox yeah that api makes no sense
  91. Ge0rG DebXWoody: there are implementations that only use the tag name, because *often* tag names are globally unique. And then you can get very far until horrible things start to happen in silent and hideous ways
  92. DebXWoody The api also provides this kind of message: xmpp_handler_add (xmpp_conn_t *const conn, xmpp_handler handler, const char *const ns, const char *const name, const char *const type, void *const userdata). But I try to understand.
  93. lovetox also child? there can be children of "nam"
  94. lovetox also child? there can be children of "name"
  95. lovetox does it return a list?
  96. Zash Also keep in mind that there's not a single child, each stanza (as well as any xml element) may have 0 or more child nodes (modulo schema etc)
  97. DebXWoody lovetox, Looks like just the first element.
  98. Ge0rG I think it would be a clean approach to define a handler for a certain namespace, and that handler would get passed all tags with that namespace
  99. Zash iterators are also nice
  100. DebXWoody Now, I see! This may the reason why the implementation in profanity looks little bit complex. Calling a handler is just based on the first xml element. If the handler has to check what's the stanza about, it should check for something like 'list of stanza' get_stanza(name, ns).
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