jdev - 2020-06-28

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  6. daidoji Hi, I'm trying to play around with modifying ejabberd with new xmpp commands with more functionality and I was wondering what the "easiest" client would be to use to do that? I've tried using conversejs and strophe directly but are there any other options?
  7. daidoji Like say I wanted to display mod_time on a website.
  8. daidoji https://github.com/processone/ejabberd/blob/master/src/mod_time.erl
  9. Zash Probably depends mostly on what (languages etc) you're most familiar with already.
  10. daidoji hmm, I'm a data scientist by trade. I thought these javascript clients would be easiest since I've done work in that language and haven't done much Gui work
  11. daidoji to be honest, I'd just be happy with a client that had some walkthroughs instead of slogging through the mud on my own
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  14. daidoji like I just wondered what other people do? Are there like XMPP tools I don't know about or utilities to make this easier? Or do people just adjust their servers/clients and then fire up wireshark or something?
  15. Zash It depends. Personally I'm pretty likely to try to solve whatever by writing Prosody modules or whatever in Lua, since that's what I'm most familiar with.
  16. daidoji word
  17. Zash As for JS and Strophe.js, I still have this book on a shelf somewhere: http://professionalxmpp.com/
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  19. daidoji yeah I saw that. Did you think it was good?
  20. Zash I think so. Was some time ago I read it last tho.
  21. daidoji word, well I'll order it and see then.
  22. Zash Hm, https://strophe.im/strophejs/#documentation--tutorials looks like a short list
  23. daidoji yeah I saw those
  24. daidoji but they were a bit opaque :p
  25. daidoji at least for my skillset. However, I'll dive back into those for now I guess
  26. daidoji I'm just at the don't know what I don't know part of my journey here with XMPP
  27. Zash And it looks like the links have broken :(
  28. daidoji some of them, they're still in the github repo
  29. daidoji another weird thing about that project is I had to fiddle with the makefile to get it to build
  30. daidoji they rely on naturaldocs which is some kind of .Net tool for doing documentation
  31. daidoji Wasn't a quick way to get it working on linux
  32. Zash Nothing I've heard about
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  83. lovetox daidoji, am i understanding you correctly, you want for example to modify the server moudle mod_time
  84. lovetox and just need a client to test your modifications?
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  95. Matt hello anyone online?
  96. Martin Yep
  97. Matt i have a question about strophe lol
  98. Matt someone is already mentioned it above
  99. Matt im trying to connect to an xmpp server using strophe and i get the xml out put and strophe shows that my user name is password is correct but for some reason its not connecting.
  100. Martin No idea about strophe but maybe someone else knows it.
  101. Matt same thing with xmpp.js
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  211. lksjdflksjdf Is there a server that has code for XEP-0436 (MUC presence versioning) yet? I couldn't find anything but perhaps there's branch or module I overlooked
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  214. flow lksjdflksjdf, given that it's co-authored by matthew, I'd look into the prosody trunk
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  221. daidoji lovetox well I wanted to add some capabilities to a muc room
  222. daidoji and I thought hte best way to do that is add some IQ stanzas and some other things
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  224. daidoji but then I need to modify the client on one side and the server on the other and there aren't really good tutorials or walkthroughs on how to do that
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  241. Zash daidoji: Have you gotten enough of strophe.js working to send an iq stanza?
  242. Zash Once connected, it'd be something like: `connection.sendIQ($iq({type:"get",id:connection.getUniqueId()}).c("time",{xmlns:"urn:xmpp:time"}), (r) => console.log(new Date(r.firstChild.getElementsByTagName("utc")[0].textContent)))`
  243. Zash In Prosody, that's responded to by https://hg.prosody.im/trunk/file/tip/plugins/mod_time.lua
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  264. MattJ lksjdflksjdf: in not aware of any implementation yet
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  271. lksjdflksjdf ok thanks for the info
  272. lksjdflksjdf I'm wondering something about the XEP though ... A user goes offline and online again - are we back to the same version? What if the user switches clients, is that still the same version?
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  340. daidoji Zash yeah I figured that out just last night after I got off
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  366. lovetox Gajim has a XML Console
  367. lovetox where you can simply put in the xml you want, and it sends it for you
  368. lovetox also you can see what you get back from the server, if thats what you want
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  383. daidoji lovetox oh wow that's awesome. Thanks
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  386. MattJ lksjdflksjdf: it could be the same version if the state of the room is exactly the same
  387. MattJ That's all the XEP needs to specify
  388. Zash Same could apply to roster versioning
  389. MattJ Yes
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  407. lksjdflksjdf I understand that you want to leave the details up to implementations 🤔️ I'm just more interested in the details of muc versioning (implementations) than the details of roster versioning, because there tend to be much more changes there. Like, if I leave a 300-person MUC at night and rejoin it the morning after. If 280 of those 300 people are the same and I only get 20 presences, that'd be nice. But if I still get 300 presences because everyone rejoined or is online with different resources, I'm not too excited about the feature anymore.
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  413. moparisthebest lksjdflksjdf, if a person named 'bob' is there right now and tommorow you don't even know if it's the same person or not
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  417. MattJ lksjdflksjdf: if you rejoin 8 hours later I don't think it's terrible if you have to refetch
  418. lksjdflksjdf moparisthebest, you mean if it _wasn't_ a different version after bob rejoined, I wouldn't know if it's the same person? Technically you could, with occupant ids. But without occupant ids that's true.
  419. Zash While there'll be more stuff going on with presence, it's probably still worth it to look at roster versioning and how that's implemented, since it's basically the same model.
  420. Zash You have stuff, that may change, and you have some token that identifies a specific version of it. You show the server the token and you get something that's supposed to sync your state with the servers.
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  422. lksjdflksjdf > if you rejoin 8 hours later I don't think it's terrible if you have to refetch aw 🙁 but it takes time and bandwidth. Sure it's not "terrible" but I was hoping it could be partially eliminated
  423. MattJ I'm not saying it can't
  424. MattJ But I think that's stretching the goals
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  428. Zash With roster versioning, if sending the delta would be larger than just sending the roster ... then just send the roster!
  429. Zash Or if you don't have enough deltas. Or if you don't actually keep deltas at all, in which case it's just a ETag-ish thing.
  430. testhello hi guys it's my first time using xmpp
  431. testhello say something if it's working
  432. lksjdflksjdf Zash, what's an "ETag"?
  433. Zash testhello, "something"
  434. lksjdflksjdf testhello, it's working 😉
  435. testhello woah
  436. Zash lksjdflksjdf, HTTP cache thing.
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  438. testhello dude this is like the original QQ or wechat
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  440. lksjdflksjdf you mean your client looks like it was from 15 years ago? 😛
  441. Zash One of the nice things is that if you don't like the client, there are others you can use.
  442. testhello I head Tencent originally ripped off of something I guess this is the one huh...
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  477. lovetox jonas’, was there any progress on the avatar from muclumbus front?
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